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Discussion in 'Chicago Red Stars' started by kool-aide, Jul 28, 2009.

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    This is why I don't play chess much anymore - I can't look a few moves ahead and see these things. Brilliant observation. Wonder if all the GMs (that's General Managers, not Grandmasters) thought this through...
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    I hope the Freedom did. We're in a unique position because we have players like Lori Lindsey and Rebecca Moros who have been with the team for years and who have settled in the area. And these W-League veterans are exactly the sort of players who are going to be right on the bubble behind the national teamers and the internationals. I think they would choose to stay with the Freedom if they had the choice, but if someone wasn't prescient, they may not have the choice.
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    Re: What players do we protect and who's not coming back?

    totally! her younger bro, amaechi is doing good for a young player and her older bro, kelechi, isnt playing anymore, but could still make the MLS if he wanted to! and not to mention her father - tony - even at his age he is still on the soccer field showing the young people how to play futbol.
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    Re: What players do we protect and who's not coming back?

    I understand that and I actually like her and the other 2 Santa Clara kids in Dalmy and Klein. However, she didn't exactly lite it up when she went in. In fact there are times when she played poorly. I do think however that she has room for improvement and may be a much better player next year.
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    Re: What players do we protect and who's not coming back?

    I just remember watching games at TP and me and a few other fans were completely and utterly disgusted by Igwe's poor play. I don't really care so much about her family as I do with her holding on to the ball too long in the offensive third. She is definitely not a player I would go out of my way to sign and protect, not with the amount of talent we already have in the midfield.
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    Re: What players do we protect and who's not coming back?

    I also did not think Igwe was top 10 on the depth chart for Chicago. She is not fast and at times did not look fit enough for pro ball. I was surprised at that last part given her professional soccer playing relatives.

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