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Discussion in 'Emerald City Supporters' started by koolkeith13, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Emerald City Supporters members have been invited to attend the special announcement Seattle Sounders FC are making on Tuesday October 28th. The announcement starts at 5pm sharp and the club has extended complimentary parking in the Qwest garage south of the stadium on Brougham. There will be attendants there that will direct attendees to the 5th floor of the lot which also has the entrance to the Qwest Stadium West Lounge where the announcement takes places. Please be there no later than 4:30 pm.

    For those that are interested in getting together before the announcement there will be ECS members meeting at FX McCrory's for a quick roundup beginning at 3:15. However, we will have to be out of there by 4:15 to get over to Qwest so try to be there on time.

    Regards of when you show up please wear ECS or SSFC gear to ensure that you will be admitted to the event. This will surely be a historic event which should not be missed.
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    oh, and first:p

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