News: Croatian ex-handball player Iztok Puc died

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    Croatian-Slovenian handball player died in USA in his 46 year, after bad illness - lung cancer. He was our legendary Croatian member in Summer Olympics, Atlanta 1996, when Croatia won the gold medal against Sweden under coach Velimir Kljaic who also died before one year.

    Croatian handball club Zagreb will play in two days against Barcelona in Champions League. Whole money income was for Iztok Puc medical treatment in USA.

    With Yugoslavia he won bronze medal in Seoul 1988, with Croatia he achieved highest success in Atlanta 1996. For Slovenia he played in Sydney 2000.

    His best club matches he played in Zagreb. With them he achieved two European Championships. He scored the most important Goal for Zagreb and because of him Zagreb won against German Wallau.

    [ame=""]Wallau - Zagreb, Champions League finals 1993, game 2 - YouTube[/ame]

    Croatia - Sweden - Atlanta 1996:

    [ame=""]Croatia - Sweden, handball final, Olympics Atlanta 1996 - YouTube[/ame]

    Iztok Puc:
    RK Zagreb:
    Croatian handball national team:

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