Congratulations Uruguay: The nation with the most titles in history of World Football

Discussion in 'Uruguay' started by foxfang, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Congratulations Uruguay. Copa America winners. 3 million people: All time kings of South America, and now they've officially become the Nation with the Most Major International titles in the History of Football. (20) + 5x WC semi finalists. For over 100 years, you've been the walking miracles of football.

    It's unfortunate that they had to have their big slump during the start of the internet era, but their return was inevitable. I remember when a friend of mine asked in 2004 : "Why was Uruguay included in FIFA's (100 year anniversary) list of Top 6 most important football nations of all time?"

    Now they know.

    ps-Born and raised in Scotland, but have always been enamored by la Celeste.


    In my eyes, You ARE football.
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  2. Manyaraña Recargado

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    Tell me about that haha. Some years ago all the kids in uruguay were playing in argentina/brazil/boca or river kits. I talked to a kid in a boca outfit and he told me he prefered boca over peñarol cause they were (at that time 2005) five times southamerican champions. I told him peñarol reached 5 titles 16 years before boca (1987;2003) It was the same about the 3 world titles,peñarol advantaged boca by 21 years (82-2003)he didn't know that!,parents and grandpas fault. Now they watch and live it,libertadores final,copa america winners,under 17 final,we nedeed these things for the new generations.:)
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    I agree. I'm American born in the US have Italian/Irish/German ancestry no ties to Uruguay at all. But, watching them in the 2010 WC I fell in love with their playing style. They are my forever underdog team. Such a small country with a big footbal history. Hope they do well in the 2014 WC!
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    Uruguay can be extremely proud, they're one of the best soccer nations in the world, with just a population around 3 million. It's a huge accomplishment, because soccer is the most popular sport in almost every country in the world. By the way, has a special about the Uruguay World Cup history.

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