Colombians failing medicals during transfers

Discussion in 'Colombia' started by crzdcolombian, Jan 21, 2014.

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    So Carlos Valdez failed and won't be going to Argentina. Didn't Arzuaga and Renteria both fail them when they were going to Mexico?

    Do Colombian clubs not test their players? Do these guys fail because they are fat(Arzuaga looks like a big fat pile of shit in his Junior uniform)?

    You never really hear of players failing their medical exams.
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    Happens IN EVERY SPORT Czd. Where have you been? Many in the states are usually steroids driven. Remember this is still negotiation. If they feel they have something to leverage your against your position, they will use it. Many players (especially pro) have gone thru at least 1 major injury and many involve surgery. That's when the lawyers step in and make it all very difficult to come out with a fair trade.
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