College athletic admissions fraud - the indictment text

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    The last thing NCAA is going to do is double-check 460,000 student-athletes to see if there's any professional experience in their backgrounds.
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    "One unusual aspect of the Isacksons’ case is that, according to the charging documents, their older daughter, Lauren, who was admitted to U.C.L.A. as a soccer recruit despite not being a top player, was required to participate on the team as a student-athlete for a year. She is listed on the 2017 roster as a midfielder. Most students involved in the case did not actually play on the teams they had been recruited for.

    Prosecutors say that, after Lauren Isackson was provisionally admitted to U.C.L.A., Mr. Singer directed $100,000 to a sports marketing company controlled by Jorge Salcedo, the former head men’s soccer coach at U.C.L.A. The government has charged Mr. Salcedo with conspiracy to commit racketeering, and he has pleaded not guilty.

    Davina Isackson could shed light on whether the coaches of the women’s soccer team were also in on the scheme. Amanda Cromwell, the head coach of women’s soccer at U.C.L.A. since 2013, did not respond to messages." NYT
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