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Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by ussoccer97531, Oct 21, 2015.

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    I am sorry but this is nonsense! You think the English are obsessed with Americans!? You have to 'get over yourselves', the British had an Empire 100 years ago, Empires are a product of their times - that's why they no longer exist have you actually caught up to the 21st century? So what has the BRITISH Empire got to do with the ENGLISH football fan exactly? Listen I know how the average English football fan 'thinks' because I am one, I AM the horses mouth, if you think Pulsic's nationality is some kind of hindrance to him you are plain WRONG it wouldn't even be an issue if he was French, Australian Scottish or German (these are nations that the English actually DO have a sporting rivalry with). Like I said before there is ZERO rivalry between the US and England, nothing, da nada, zilch, nowt, bugger all, (certainly on the English side and considering the US have traditionally not played English sports I imagine the same can be said the 'other' way) so why on earth would the 'English' have a problem with Pulsic because of his nationality?
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    It is a bit absurd to think the world is nearly as obsessed with everything American as many Americans seem to believe. Then again, it's also absurd to believe that the English or any other group of people operate with complete objectivity and have no preconceived notions of Americans or anyone else for that matter.

    But, if Pulisic steps in and produces, no one will care at all where he is from and being American may actually make it a bit novel and fun to watch if he succeeds. If he doesn't produce, it won't be for lack of opportunity. American or not, they splashed out enough cash to believe he will be given every opportunity to succeed. Once he's on the field, its up to him to deliver.
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    I think that some of the difference in viewpoints about Americans in England stems from the internet - while it may be true that the great majority of English fans could not care less whether a player, manager, owner, etc. is from as long as they are successful, there is an opposite impression left by the extremely high number of trolls that concentrate on the "Americans call it soccer", "Americans are so overrated", etc. memes. Since we're on a message board, it's exceedingly likely that many of us have encountered the negative stereotypes as expressed frequently in comments on boards, Twitter, etc.

    BTW, this doesn't just apply to English football fans or trolls - it's a characterization that is found in many places in Europe (and likely in Latin America as well). It's just more obvious to us when it's in English...
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    Pulisic getting very selfish late on.
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    Perhaps a bit but not that I saw where he had slam dunk options he should have taken instead of shooting. And we want guys who look to pull the trigger.

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