Cameron Carter-Vickers at Swansea City AFC (on loan from Tottenham Hotspur FC)

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by BostonRed, Aug 13, 2014.

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    Technically Spurs recalled him after 17 starts with Sheffield when it looked like he was getting benched and sent him to Ipswich Town. I think they would've kept him for the season had he not been recalled, but he definitely lost his place as a starter.
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    Brighton have met the 2 million pounds release clause in Graham Potter's contract and his coaching staff will be moving with him as part of a wider compensation package. I wonder if he'd be interesed in taking CCV on loan as well.
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    One would expect that someone who plays for a different country to have a slightly bigger worldview than the average 21 year old English player.
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    Also to back this up.... That WAS the trend. English top-6 clubs loaning players to the continent is becoming increasingly more common. Germany in particular is starting to branch out and look to England, as well as other non-traditional places (USA included).
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    I mean that's fair and all, but there are plenty of guys who play for Nigeria and the Ivory Coast from England who do all stay there.

    That's fair, but it is a very new trend. Like I said, Sancho was kind of the trailblazer, just like Pulisic is for the new age Americans in Germany.
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    New trend? That 1994 USA WC team had several players who played in Germany. Waldo, Joe-Max Moore, Paul Caligiuri, probably others I can't remember.
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    Bundesliga has always been the major Soccer league Americans had the most success in.
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    Mike Lapper
    Thomas Dooley (of course)
    Claudio Reyna

    were the others I saw although Lapper and Reyna only began playing their in 1994.
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    Speaking to Wales Online last month before leaving Swansea for Brighton & Hove Albion, assistant manger Billy Reid said, “Cameron came here on loan from Tottenham and he had to bide his time to make the team. When he came into the team, he’s made huge progress. We asked him to step into the game with the ball and the progress he's made in that area has been exceptional.”
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    Wonder if they’ll have any interest on taking him on loan. A good EPL loan would do CCV well. He knows the coach and system and it should help him early.

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