Brazilian street football rules

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  1. Colorado_GAUCHO

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    Nat'l Team:
    1. The ball
    The ball can be anything that is even remotely round. Even a football would do. In extreme cases you can use anything that rolls, like a rock, an empty can or your brother's lunch bag.

    2. The goal
    The goal can be build with anything you have handy: bricks, stones, shirts, sandals, school books are your younger brother.

    3. The field
    The field can be up to the edge of the sidewalk, sidewalk and street, street and opposite sidewalk, and on big derbys, the entire block.

    4. Duration of the match
    Normally you swtich sides on five goals and ends in ten, could last till the mother of the kid who owns the ball call him up or the gets dark outside. In night matches, till somebody from the neighborhood calls the cops.

    5. The teams

    Can be anything from 3 to 70 on each side. If you suck you play goalie. If you got a limp you play winger, left or right, based on the bad leg. If you wear glasses you are a playmaker, to avoid collisions. Fat plays defense.
    6. The uniforms
    With shirt x Without shirt
    7. The referee
    There is no referee

    8. Stoppage
    In street football, a match can only be stopped in 3 scenarios.

    1. If the ball goes through a window. In this case players must wait 10 minutes for the voluntary return of the ball. If that doesn't occur, the players must asign somebody to knock at the door to ask for the ball, first with good manner and than with the treat of property damage.
    2. When a hot chick walks by.
    3. When big vehicles enter the street. From a bus up. Motorcycles and bettles can be kicked with the ball, if they enter the goal counts.

    9. Replacements
    Replacements are allowed in the following scenarios:

    1. A player is carried home by his ears to do his homework.
    2. Player has lost the tip of his toe. Altought, in such cases, the same almost always comes back after washing his foot on someones backyard.
    3. If someone got runnover by a car.

    10. The penalties
    In street football, the only thing that counts as a fault is if you throw someone in the sewage.

    11. Sports Justice

    Any dispute should be resolved by fighting, the stronger or whoever start trowing rocks wins.
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    Jan 26, 2007
    in other words:

    [ame=""]YouTube - JOGO - PELADA DO DOMINGO[/ame]
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    Nov 16, 2005
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    Nat'l Team:
    I played with some different rules. Depending on how many people are there, we play 5 on 5 and the rest sit out. We play till 3 and the winning team stays and the people who sat out come in and replace the people who lost. Sometimes, the numbers don't come out right, so you'll have someone who lost stay in for the next game, etc.

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