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Discussion in 'Korea' started by Gayageum, Oct 8, 2016.

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    • Be civil. Although disagreements are generally handled well by most members, there's been an uptick of members repeatedly derailing threads. If you can't agree to disagree and argue about the same thing ad nauseum, don't be surprised if all of your posts are all deleted in relevant thread (yes, every single one - even the informative ones). Here's a tip: add users you constantly conflict with to your ignore list.

    • You don't have to "LOL" at a response you disagree with. You're not above them just because you disagree with them. This is a discussion forum. There's going to be people that have different perspectives than you. Deal with it like an adult.

    • Do not post about the same thing day in and day out. Criticizing a league, a player, or a manager is fine - it's expected. But if you're constantly bad mouthing the same league, player, or a manager for the same rationale your posts will be deleted.

    • Do not post vague or empty responses. If you like a post, rep it and move on unless you have something to add.

    • Don't be facetious 24/7. It doesn't add anything to the discussion and wastes everyone's time when they want to find useful information on BigSoccer Korea.

    • If you see a newbie, please welcome them first before chastising them for being a newbie. Not everyone is an expert with our NT or players. There's also a learning curve to blend in with BigSoccer Korea so let's be more receptive.

    • Keep your signature at a reasonable length. It's distracting to see a signature that's more than one paragraph.

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