Big Ten is targeting Texas and Oklahoma as Universities #15 & #16

Discussion in 'Women's College' started by WWC_Movement, Dec 7, 2018.

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    The Big12, already somewhat smaller than the other major conferences due in part to Texas A&M moving to the SEC, would be devastated if either Texas or Oklahoma left. I'd be surprised if the either of these schools joined the Big 10 (or I should say B1G, though I've never figured out what the hell that means). I think they'd be much more inclined to join the SEC: It's a better geographic and cultural fit, though of course TV money is ultimately driving this madness. Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney has long had a bug up his butt about the SEC overshadowing the Big10, especially in football. Let's hope the two schools stay in the Big12 as conference expansion has already gone too far, IMO. But money talks, which is why Maryland, longtime ACC school, decided to join the Big10.

    The SEC is currently the per-team conference payout leader.
    The most recent average payout for each Power 5 league, 2017 numbers, per SBNation:

    The Big10 has signed new TV contracts with two or three networks that will boost that conference's TV money significantly and its member schools might soon be getting bigger payouts than SEC schools--or at least until the next round of TV contracts are signed.
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    I would be very surprised if Texas & Oklahoma joined the B1G.

    As far as the big revenue sports are concerned, the games in pointyball would be incredible if Texas & Oklahoma went to the B1G. Men's basketball would be bolstered as well. If you're looking at women's soccer, both schools would be decent additions to the conference. I am also a men's soccer fan and neither school has a soccer team. Of the primary schools that are currently Big 12, the only one that I can think of with a men's team is West Virginia and they play in the Mid American Conference in soccer. The B1G has proven itself to be one of the preeminent conferences in men's soccer and even if Oklahoma and Texas had men's teams, it would be questionable that they would be able to improve the conference.

    BTW, 3 of the final 4 College Cup teams are B1G teams - Indiana, Michigan State, and Maryland. Akron is the other team. Semifinals are tonight and the championship game is Sunday.

    I was surprised that the B1G didn't make a stronger run at Missouri when they left the Big 12 to join the SEC. Geographically and culturally, Missouri would seem to be a much better fit in the B1G than the SEC. The other current Big 12 team that would fit well in the B1G both geographically and culturally would be Iowa State. Then again, I thought that the recent additions of Rutgers and Maryland were odd for the B1G from a geographic and cultural standpoint but they seem to have adapted well. Years ago I thought that Penn State was an odd addition also. Missouri and Iowa State both make more sense than those eastern schools. I think that the everyone knows why the additions of Rutgers and Maryland were made and it all has to do with television office and Benjamins.

    Missouri also went to the SEC and Colorado went to the PAC12.

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