Belgian football in a sorry state?

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    Sep 21, 2013
    Wasn't John Van Zweden supposed to step in/take over from Mr. Wang? #wallpaperking #DenHaag #carpetking #swansea ... the Hagenese running a Hagenese club.

    Mouscron don't have a hardcore fan base like ADO ... actually they hardly have fans ... Suning will get to do as they please (licence regulations are more strict than elsewhere in Europe but shouldn't present any problems) ... Suning also seem more committed than Mr. Wang ... for their standards €9m is peanuts and Mouscron would end up as one of Inter's satellite clubs ... still a better fate than their current situation. Miangue, Emmers, Vanheusden, Van Den Eynden, ... Inter are really starting to stockpile promising kiddies from Belgium (Juve also trying to get in on the act despite already having a ridiculous amount of loanees) ... and with Mouscron, Suning/Inter will have a place to park non-EU players as well ... until their work permit gets sorted (plenty of red tape to get the most trivial things sorted in BE but work permits are handed out like candy).
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    When it rains ...

    Shanghai Naisi Investment Management Center could buy struggling OH Leuven in the next month(s) ... very little info on this investment group o_O ... despite the fact that AB Inbev's HQ, a major football sponsor with e.g. Benelux champion, Jupiler, and global champion, Budweiser, at the World Cup, is in Leuven (Louvain) ... it's no help, as Stella is somehow too fancy for football, it really isn't, and no way a club from Leuven will go with Jupiler instead of Stella Artois.

    Both articles in Dutch (usually translate isn't that bad) ... Belgian clubs are easy prey ... especially the ones in the graveyard that is Belgium's 2nd tier (go up to the top tier or die) ... 1/3 of all professional clubs in Belgium will have foreign owners after the sale of OHL ... Cercle Brugge, Lokeren and Westerlo could be next ... Mouscron from Latimer to Suning ... KV Mechelen, taking similar steps as OHL (from non-profit to CVBA which has limited liability), yet denying they'll sell the club and it could very well be that they're looking at other ways to increase capital ... Brussels (EU) to the rescue? ... more info in the articles.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    The Pro League reforms ... the latest episode

    - halving points ahead of the play-offs devalues the regular competition too much

    => could be binned

    - 3 formulas for the new competition

    1. one division with 20 clubs
    2. two divsions with 12 clubs each
    3. keep the current shape

    => have to wait until the extension of the TV deal ... in the long run, I'm expecting that the Pro League will keep shrinking ... could very well end up as a single pint-sized league of 12 (to 16) clubs.
  4. In that case we should start the BeNe league in stead.
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    Have always thought a BeNe league with Anderlecht, Brugge, Gent, Genk, Liege, Antwerp (or Beerschot) and one or two other teams alongside your pick of 10 to 12 Dutch teams would be the best way to improve the quality of matches in general, the ability of teams to keep young players and also compete with some of the better leagues. I think it's doable from a Belgian standpoint, but I think, in general, the Dutch look down at the Belgian league and would rather watch Ajax-Go Ahead Eagles than Ajax-Club Brugge.
  6. Cannot prove it, but I doubt that. In fact I think most of the Dutch fans doesnot think about other leagues at all, let alone look down on for instance the Belgian one.
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    Sep 21, 2013
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    Sep 21, 2013
    In Belgium players under 16 can't sign a contract with a club and often the best talents leave as soon as they turn 16 ... yet in a recent verdict the judge ruled in favour of Anderlecht ... who offered a pre-contract in which the promise is made that unless he pays damages the player will sign a contract as soon as he turns 16yo (and signing the contract isn't prohibited by law any longer) ... it's a major precedent which could help stem the exodus of underaged players.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    Antwerp's promotion could very well give Belgian football a big boost ... as the city is a prime hotbed for talent ... hopefully KFCO Beerschot-Wilrijk will soon follow (and ideally replace Mouscron) ... in May they could earn their 4th promotion in 4 years while they aren't even a Red Bull team.

    Mouscron reeks ... how they avoided relegation last year already left a bad taste and it's the same shit this year ... wouldn't surprise me if this pushes Westerlo over the edge.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    Good read...

    Belgian Clubs and Foreign Money: A Modern Soccer Mix
    Foreign investors are snapping up clubs in Belgium’s second division. The question everyone from Tubize to Leuven is asking is: Why?

    Petit pays, petit prix ... would be better if pitches were lit by red lights and "clubs" changed their names to KAA Glazenstraatje, RSC d'Aerschot, Royal Schipperskwartier FC, STVV Chaussée d'Amour, etc. ... poor, poor Belgium.
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    I actually was working with someone interested in a club a few years back.. I want to say near Mons, but it's been at least 3 years and maybe 4. I remember green uniforms.

    Thanks for posting the article.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    No vision.

  13. What do you mean by that?
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    Sep 21, 2013
    Belgian clubs are scared to put their trust in locally trained youth. Flipping mediocre legionnaires for a small profit is NOT a vision. A couple deeper moans about this problem: moan and moan and...

  15. Maybe the minimum wage solution of the KNVB could put a brake on mediocre players entering.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    Mouscron reeks ... again (now it was 4 late goals in 17 minutes) ... this time it's Mechelen drawing the short straw. Some nice talents were coming from Mechelen yet they're going down while Eupen, a.k.a. Aspire Academy's foothold, stays up. Also, it's a shame Beerschot just fell short ... we need a new Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Nainggolan, Dembele, et al. ASAP ... Cercle, Monaco's satelite, will gain promotion and I'm not exactly expecting them to develop many talents that are eligible for Belgium.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    Mouscron might be implicated as well ... at least their name is popping up a lot but, principally, this case seems to be about the shady dealings of agents ... anyway Mouscron still reeks.

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    Sep 21, 2013
    The Pro League reforms ... lost count which episode it is.

    - halving points ahead of the play-offs still hasn't been binned

    The format seems straightforward enough. After regular season:

    - the top 6 teams break off into a mini-league, the same PO I as before (points are halved, they play each other once more home and away, the title and European spots are decided).

    - the bottom two Pro League teams from the second tier play relegation play-offs, i.e. PO III (the bottom team starts 3 points behind, best-of-five stays up).

    - the other 16 Pro League teams (10 from the first tier and 6 from the second tier) enter PO II, which looks somewhat similar to the old 16 team EUROs. I.e. 4 groups of 4 teams in the group phase, group winners advance to the semis, a final and eventually the PO II winner advances to the Belgian EL play-off final where they face a team that qualified via PO I with an EL 2nd qualifying round ticket at stake).
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    Sep 21, 2013
    KV Mechelen stay up. It's only a partial verdict, e.g. they could still be excluded from the Belgian Cup, Europe, ...

    Lesson learned: you don't risk relegation due to matchfixing as long as you do it at the end of the season. That's a joke.
    Well, at least KV Mechelen won't be relegated. Eupen and Mouscron looked at least as shady and they didn't have the threat of relegation hanging over them.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    Final verdict: KV Mechelen (and 4 members of their board) have been found guilty of matchfixing.

    - no relegation this season yet next season they might not get a licence/might still be relegated a season later

    - individual sentences for the 4 board members

    - exclusion from the Belgian Cup

    - exclusion from European competitions
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    Sep 21, 2013
    TV rights distribution First Division A 2018/19

    KV Mechelen received a little over €1M as parachute payment (for relegated sides) and after a few more deductions, e.g. solidarity payments for 1B, about €75M was left for the sixteen 1A teams. It's a quite equitable distribution. Clubs that also have a women's team competing receive a larger share of the TV money, TIL.


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