Arsenal V. Manchester City 1/4/2010

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    My wife and I are making our first trip to Europe together and obviously we want to go to an Arsenal game. The home game when we are there is Arsenal V. Manchester City on Jan. 4th 2011. Whats the best way to get tickets?? I did a search online and found which seems quite pricey. What other options are there (something like a for the UK)? I see Arsenal America (of which I am a member) may have tickets available. Are AA ticket requests seniority based? Also, has anyone ever purchased tickets through AA, were you able to get seats together as we may have up to 4 going to the match with us?
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    All wanting to apply for tickets would have to be paid members of AA:

    We are now taking ticket requests for the first half of the 2010/2011 season. This means, we are only accepting requests for HOME matches running through December 31, 2010. Note: We will begin taking ticket requests in late October 2010 for the beginning of 2011. When the FA Cup and Champions League match dates are released, they will be added to the ticketing list.

    As always, you MUST be a paid member of Arsenal America to request tickets. Ticketing is done on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions regarding our ticketing process, please read over the Ticket FAQ closely. All of your questions should be answered there.
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    i've got a pair, face value if anyone is interested... need to let me know by tuesday night though.
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    That's a seriously unusual username - what with you being married as well!


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