Armada FC of Seattle - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Seattle Sounders FC' started by TominBallard, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. TominBallard

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    Jul 24, 2007
    Seattle Sounders
    Hi, I'm new around here.

    Anyway, I posted this on a thread, but it's a long thread and I wanted some feedback on my idea for a name for a new MLS team here in Seattle. Below is what I originally posted. Thanks, tom


    First, I think no matter what, the Sounders colors have to remain. Aqua, Green, and White...

    Here's my idea:

    Armada FC of Seattle (AFCS) - The words "The Sounders" would be in a ribbon at the bottom of the crest to not only acknowledge Seattle's soccer history, but "The Sounders" is what we call the Armada players, Armada fans and the people of the region. As with a number of ships form an armada, the "Sounders collective" of players and fans also form an "Armada." I think it's great for unity between players and fans.

    Other reasons, the name Armada would represent the Navy and seafairing industry/recreation in this area. Plus I think it sounds powerful.

    I think that the MLS Seattle team should have a slightly different image than the Sounders because this is a new era for Seattle soccer, but we shouldn't completely ignore our history with the sport.

    I think we can have our cake and eat it too.
  2. SounderMan

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    Nov 8, 2006
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    Lose the FC and it's as reasonable as Steelheads, Rangers and Admirals I guess.

    Don't get everyone's infatuation with FC. We cut our umbilical with England over 200 years ago.
  3. GMan Eric

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    Aug 28, 2000
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    I guess it can't be any worse than Clash, Wiz, and Burn were.

    Just don't see a name like that happening though... we don't have any that I know of at top level that deviate from <city name - something>... except maybe Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim I guess.
  4. mabersold

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    Feb 23, 2007
    Sure, why not?

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