Alright Miami, whats the play? NASL TO MIAMI!!!

Discussion in 'Miami' started by Lucho305, May 20, 2015.

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    Sometimes i wonder if the Miami FC team is just that. A place holder for Silva and in the meantime if he losses money on it, he could use the losses as a deduction because I am sure he is loaded here in the US. Or if it works out like the Rowdies or Armada, he can possibly have a future MLS team if Beckham does not work out.

    I wonder if the issues with Traffic might put a damper on Miami FC. I think all these recent Brazilian investors all were brought to NASL by Traffic.
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    Well, when there's no proof Miami can support one pro team, and particular to NASL there are questions about Traffic...
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    Traffic is mostly irrelevant. They don't own Miami FC, and do not control the NASL. The Traffic issue is unlikely to have any kind of public affect on any individual team other than the Railhawks. Businesses, at least the smart ones, plan and prepare for such situations to minimize repercussion. What will happen is Traffic will be forced to sell most, if not all, of their stock, the Railhawks, and a new chairman will be selected. In the mean time the fans will see little to no difference.

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