Alaves to Field Team in US

Discussion in 'Basque Clubs' started by Pichi, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Dmitry Piterman has paid the first installment required for a new franchise in the USL's First Division, which is the league below MLS. The team will be based in San Francisco and will have several younger Alaves players on the team. The team which still has to pick a name and coach will begin play in 2007. Good news for us liga guys here in the bay area!

    Here is the full article.

    viva er beti manque lopera!

    Er Pichi
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    Maybe he has a mini-me that can coach.
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    The Alaves webpage is shite, takes forever to load. Anyways this is interesting, I think I will inquire as to what sort of jobs they will offer when it starts.

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