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    According to AFA, these are the top 24 players in Argentine futbol.ún-AFA,-Los-Mejores-de-La-Historia).html

    Diego Armando Maradona
    Federico Sacchi
    Felix Loustau
    Antonio Sastre
    Hugo Orlando Gatti
    René Orlando Houseman
    Carlos Bianchi
    Ernesto Grillo
    Norbertop Doroteo Méndez
    Rinaldo Fioramonte Martino
    Angel Amadeo Labruna
    Ricardo Enrique Bochini
    Jorge Luis Burruchaga
    Mario Alberto Kempes
    Silvio Marzolini
    Enrique Omar Sívori
    Ubaldo Matildo Fillol
    Daniel Alberto Pasarella
    Natalio Agustín Pescia
    Amadeo Raúl Carrizo
    Diego Pablo Simeone
    Américo Tesorieri
    Bernabé Ferreyra
    Gabriel Omar Batistuta

    I don't know about the old timers, I mean, maybe somebody who's a lot older than me can comment on why Pescia is there and not Lazatti, or why Loustau is there and not Moreno.

    But from the later players, the ones that surprise me are Bianchi, Burruchaga and Simeone. Sure they were good, but I can think of others that were better.

    Also there are some notable missing players, old timers like Pedernera, Corbatta, Di Stefano, and more recent players like Ardiles, Bertoni, Caniggia, Redondo, Ruggeri.

    Anyway, it seems controversial to me. Who came up with this list, Grondona?
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    Do Lionel Messi´s poor performances in the NT have anything to do with his exclusion from this list?
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    No. I'm not sure how players are inducted, but there are no active members included.
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    Definitely an interesting list but as ASF pointed out, some interesting inclusions and exclusions. Without knowing the criteria one can only assume it was a matter of combined factors. Were the successes in the domestic league weighted any more than accomplishments made elsewhere?

    I was pretty surprised to see Burruchaga over Ruggeri as I consider the latter to be the much better player while not taking anything away from Burruchaga. Bianchi I really have no problem with especially when you look at this goal scoring record wherever he played. Of course if we can throw Bianchi's coaching accolades into the mix then to me it's a no-brainer.
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    Es una lista interesante aunque extraña debido a que no parece haber un criterio claro. Burruchaga, Gatti o Simeone fueron buenos jugadores, pero hubieron otros mucho mejores y más legendarios.

    Personalmente, si hubiera de elegir 24, escogería a (excluyendo jugadores activos):

    PO CARRIZO, Amadeo
    PO FILLOL, Ubaldo
    DF MARZOLINI, Silvio
    DF PERFUMO, Roberto
    DF RUGGERI, Óscar
    MC ARDILES, Osvaldo
    MC BOCHINI, Ricardo
    MC DI STÉFANO, Alfredo
    MC GRILLO, Ernesto
    MC LOUSTAU, Félix
    MC MARADONA, Diego
    MC MONTI, Luis
    MC MORENO, José Manuel
    MC PEDERNERA, Adolfo
    MC PEUCELLE, Carlos
    MC REDONDO, Fernando
    MC SASTRE, Antonio
    MC SÍVORI, Omar
    DL BATISTUTA, Gabriel
    DL FERREYRA, Bernabé
    DL KEMPES, Mario
    DL LABRUNA, Ángel

    Pudiendo ingresar además:

    MC GARCÍA, Enrique
    MC ORSI, Raimundo
    DL MASANTONIO, Herminio

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    I'm tempted to think that this is a starting point and not a best of all time selection.

    Leaving out key figures would seem appropriate so that they can be included in later years. Allowing for fans to petition for their inclusion all the while raising awareness for this new institution (hall of fame) in Argentine soccer.
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    Fernando Redondo, Claudio Lopez, Juan Sebastian Veron, Ariel Ortega, Roberto Sensini, Jose Chamot, Roberto Ayala, Javier Zanetti, Walter Samuel, Hernan Crespo, Pablo Aimar, Esteban Cambiasso, Angeli di Maria, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero.:D These ones occurred to me during this cold winter morning.:ninja: List should be wider in my opinion. Interesting thing is that I only saw two players live from AFA List: Simeone, Batistuta.:whistling:

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