2019 USMNT Schedule

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    So that narrows down the list of countries we could be facing. Quick someone look up who has the largest immigrant population in those cities.
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    Of note, the article does not say which game (June 4th/5th or 9th) is likely slated for DC and which for Cincinnati.

    On twitter, the Barra Brava account noted that the Nationals are not playing at home on the 9th.

    The Nationals are at home on 6/4 at 7:05 pm and on 6/5 at 1:05 pm. That would seem to make a 6/4 game at Audi Field unlikely (because much of the parking is shared). Not sure if they'd shy away from 6/5, also, or if that's enough time between games to sell those same parking spots twice.
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    $$$$ - they probably need some!
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