PBP: 2019 CONCACAF U-17 Championship: USA vs. Canada 5/2 6:00 ET

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    To go overboard on his left foot is abit much. Hit many poor cross field passes with that left foot. He did hit some nice passes to Busio on the wing but Canada was giving him that pass by playing so narrow. He's a decent youth soccer player but to sound like his left is some David Beckham golden right foot was overboard in my opinion.
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    CAN – Jérémie Omeonga (Matthew Catavolo), 21st minute: On a jailbreak run up the field, Omeonga sent the ball to Jacen Russel-Rowe, who deftly controlled it with his chest before laying it off for Catavolo at the top corner of the box. He looped a cross to Omeonga at the far post where his header tucked between the post and goalkeeper Damian Las for the game’s opening goal. USA 0, CAN 1

    CAN – Jacen Russel-Rowe (Matthew Catavolo), 22nd minute: Another transition moment sparked Canada’s second goal in as many minutes. Catavolo dribbled up field before dishing to Russle-Rowe on the 18-yard-line. From there, he cut inside and launched a curling, pin-point shot into the top right corner of the net. USA 0, CAN 2

    Enjoying the descriptions ... jailbreak run, transition moment.
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    thomas muller-esque imo
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    Yow looked quite bad, IMO. Didn't do as much running as De Vries (sp?), but that could've also been because of him being a sub running at tired legs. Blew multiple chances, particularly in the first half. Didn't combine with Scally well on that side.

    For a team that often has trouble breaking down a bunker, I'm pretty happy we were able to come back from giving up 2 goals against the run of play. And for a team that's supposed to be bad, we're still on pace to win the group, after which we'll only need to beat one decent opponent.
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    I didn't watch the game so I don't know the context. Did he look like he was afraid to pass? Or, like he didn't trust his team? Then, yeah, this is a problem. If the issue was that he moved forward on the dribble but his team wasn't moving forward to provide him options then the issue is not his.
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    The whole team looked like they never played together, what a surprise! So the one who had the ball more often than others didn't pass the ball more often than others. That happened to be Reyna. Next time we should hire the coach two hours before the tournament and see what happens.
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    Carleton & Co. spoiled me. Carleton could line up on the halfway line/touch line intersection and hit a forward which was nice. He did a lot of damage from the middle third area. Booth was good too.
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    This line up would be great
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    are there highlights anywhere?
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