2018 U.S. Open Cup schedule

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    May 25, 2005
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    This is the schedule of events put out by the USSF so far:


    We should be hearing soon how many teams will be playing from the various leagues and the rest of the Cup dates.

    Wednesday, April 4 - 2018 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup First Round pairings and Second Round possible matchups announced

    Wednesday, May 9 - 2018 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup First Round; Dates for remaining rounds of the competition and deadlines to apply to host in these rounds will be determined by January 2018

    Possible number of teams in the tournament:

    Qualifying Tournament - 14 teams
    NPSL - 18 teams
    PDL - 21 teams
    USL - 22 teams
    MLS - 20 teams

    Total - 95

    Has anyone else heard numbers from NPSL and PDL? I think the USL and MLS numbers are correct.

    Breaking down the rounds is going to be interesting. If they do it the same way as last year we would have something like this:

    1st round: Add 1 more amateur teams to get to 54. Give 14 of them a bye into the 2nd round. The remaining 40 are matched up. 20 winners advance.
    2nd round: The 20 winners + 14 byes + 22 USL teams = 56 teams. 28 winners advance.
    3rd round: The 28 winners are paired up. 4 MLS teams are paired up. The 16 winners advance.
    4th round: The 16 winners meet the remaining 16 MLS teams.
    5th round: 16 winners
    Quarterfinals: 8 winners
    Semifinals: 4 winners
    Final: 2 winners

    Or they could do something completely different.
  2. newtex

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    May 25, 2005
    Houston Dynamo
    Looking at the USL and MLS schedules I see these mid-weeks are open for eligible U.S. teams.

    May 16 - No USL games
    May 23 - No USL games
    June 6 - No USL or MLS games
    June 20 - No USL or MLS games
    June 27 - No MLS games
    August 1 - No MLS games
    August 8 - No MLS games

    I don't see any really free Wednesdays in July but things could be worked out for teams that advance.
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    Feb 19, 2017
    My guess is that the USL will start in round 3 this year. I'm working with the assumption that no NASL teams will play. My count is 20 MLS teams and 22 USL teams that are eligible. If that is the case, then you have

    Round 1: 52 Amateur teams*
    Round 2: 26 Winners plus 22 USL teams
    Round 3: 24 Winners
    Round 4: 12 Winners plus 20 MLS teams
    Round 5: 16 Winners
    Quarters: 8 Winners
    Semis: 4 Winners
    Final: 2 Winners

    *We know that there were 14 amateur teams from Open Qualifying. However, one of those(El Farolito) have been disqualified due to switching leagues. So there are 13 Open Qualifying teams that need to be in the first round. That leaves 39 other spots in the 1st round. Based on the ratio of the last few years, I would guess that 21 PDL and 18 NPSL teams get invited to the 1st round. This doubly works,as these are the same number as last year, even if it only works out that way by accident.

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