2018 FIFA WC QLF, AFC: Group B

Discussion in 'AFC: Tournaments' started by Suren01, Apr 12, 2016.

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    I think Asia needs a quarterfinalist in Russia. Since 2002 a CONCACAF team (Costa Rica) and African team (Ghana) have reached the quarterfinals.
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    I was extremely busy with work. That is why I could not reply earlier. Sorry.
    Thank you and good luck at the WC too. We all represent Asia and should cheer for all Asian teams at the WC. Saudi Arabia did a great job too although It was not surprising for me. Right after the draw, I had strong feeling that Saudi Arabia will finish top two. It was not easy to finish top two when you have both Australia and Japan in your group but your team deservedly did it and happy for you and your fans.

    In terms of sporting perspective, the tournament with 32 teams is fine and It is perfectly balanced too. They expanded because of money and giving chance to some smaller or weaker football nations.
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