2017 U.S. Open Cup schedule

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    The schedule and format for the 2017 tournament have been announced:



    Division I (19 teams, entering in the Fourth Round) - Major League Soccer: Atlanta United FC, Chicago Fire, Colorado Rapids, Columbus Crew SC, D.C. United, FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, LA Galaxy, Minnesota United FC, New England Revolution, New York City FC, New York Red Bulls, Orlando City SC, Philadelphia Union, Portland Timbers, Real Salt Lake, San Jose Earthquakes, Seattle Sounders FC, Sporting Kansas City

    Division II (24 teams, entering in the Second Round) - North American Soccer League (6): Indy Eleven, Jacksonville Armada, Miami FC, New York Cosmos, North Carolina FC (formerly Carolina RailHawks), San Francisco Deltas; United Soccer League (18 teams): Charleston Battery, Charlotte Independence, Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC, FC Cincinnati, Harrisburg City Islanders, Louisville City FC, OKC Energy FC, Orange County SC (formerly Orange County Blues), Phoenix Rising FC (formerly Arizona United), Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Reno 1868 FC, Richmond Kickers, Rochester Rhinos, Sacramento Republic FC, Saint Louis FC, San Antonio FC, Tampa Bay Rowdies, Tulsa Roughnecks FC

    Open Division Teams (56 total, all entering in the First Round):

    Local Qualifiers (17 places, listed alphabetically by state): California (6): Chula Vista FC, El Farolito, La Máquina*, LA Wolves FC*, Moreno Valley Fútbol Club, Outbreak FC*; Colorado (2): Azteca FC, Colorado Rush; Florida (2): Boca Raton Football Club*, Red Force FC; Maryland (1): Christos FC; Massachusetts (1): GPS Omens; Nevada (1): Anahuac FC; New Jersey (1): FC Motown; Pennsylvania (2): Junior Lone Star FC, Tartan Devils Oak Avalon; Texas (1): NTX Rayados

    Premier Development League (21 places): Division Winners: Charlotte Eagles* (N.C.), Des Moines Menace* (Iowa), FC Tucson* (Ariz.), Fresno Fuego (Calif.), GPS Portland Phoenix* (Maine), Michigan Bucks*, OKC Energy U23 (Okla.), Reading United AC* (Pa.), The Villages SC* (Fla.); At-Large Berths: Burlingame Dragons* (Calif.), Carolina Dynamo* (N.C.), Chicago FC United (formerly Chicago Fire U-23), Derby City Rovers (Ky.), FC Golden State Force (Calif.), Ocean City Nor’easters (N.J.), San Diego Zest (Calif.), SC United Bantams (S.C.), Sounders FC U-23* (Wash.), South Florida Surf, Ventura County Fusion* (Calif.), Western Mass Pioneers. The PDL is a nationwide league affiliated with the U.S. Adult Soccer Association and opted to use 2016 league results to determine its qualifiers for the 2017 Open Cup.

    National Premier Soccer League (18 places): Qualified via 2016 NPSL playoffs: AFC Cleveland* (Ohio), Albion SC Pros (Calif.), Chattanooga FC* (Tenn.), Clarkstown SC Eagles* (N.Y.), Grand Rapids FC (Mich.), Miami United FC (Fla.), New Jersey Copa FC (N.J.), Sonoma County Sol (Calif.); At-Large Berths: AFC Ann Arbor (Mich.), Atlanta Silverbacks*, Boston City FC (Mass.), Dutch Lions FC (Texas), FC Wichita* (Kan.), Fredericksburg FC* (Va.), Jacksonville Armada U-23 (Fla.), Legacy 76 (Va.), OSA FC (Wash.) Tulsa Athletics (Okla). The NPSL is a nationwide league affiliated with the U.S. Adult Soccer Association and opted to use 2016 league results to determine its qualifiers for the 2017 Open Cup.


    April 12 - First Round pairings announced

    May 10 - First round games (56 teams, 28 games)

    May 17 - Second round games (28 winners plus 6 NASL and 18 USL, 26 games)

    May 31 - Third round games (26 winners, 13 games)

    June 14 - Fourth round games (13 winners plus 19 MLS, 16 games)

    June 15 - Round of 16 Draw

    June 28 - Round of 16 games

    July 11 - Quarterfinals

    August 9 - Semifinals

    September 20 - Final
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    A * means the club was in the 2016 U.S. Open Cup. You didn't copy and paste that line from U.S. Soccer.

    The MLS clubs enter 3 days after the USMNT has a WCQ.
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    Yeah, some MLS teams might be missing national team players but the league is mostly honoring the break. There are only 3 MLS league games on that previous weekend (June 10-11) so we could see some pretty full strength MLS teams in the Open Cup just because they haven't played in a while.

    We shall see how the teams treat it.
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    I'm looking at potential 1st and 2nd round matchups. Keeping teams from the same source (NPSL, PDL, LQ) apart is going to make things interesting.

    The 2nd round also has some tough calls because of geography.

    This is what I have come up with. I know there are some weird situations. This is hard.
    Any problems, or other predictions?

    Seattle Sounders FC U-23 (PDL)
    OSA FC (Seattle, WA) (NPSL)
    2nd Round Opponents: Reno 1868 FC

    I see 9 teams in Southern California but 5 of them are Local Qualifiers. I'm sending Anahuac from Las Vegas up to the San Francisco area and then bringing Fresno down to the LA area. One of the LQ teams has to go down to San Diego.

    Northern CA/NV
    Sonoma County Sol (NSPL)
    El Farolito (San Francisco) (LQ)
    Anahuac FC (Las Vegas, NV) (LQ)
    Burlingame Dragons (PDL)
    2nd Round Opponents: San Francisco Deltas, Sacramento Republic FC

    Los Angeles
    Fresno Fuego (PDL)
    LA Wolves FC (LQ)
    Ventura County Fusion (PDL)
    Outbreak FC (Huntington Beach) (LQ)
    FC Golden State Force (Glendora, CA) (PDL)
    La Máquina (Santa Ana, CA) (LQ)
    2nd Round Opponents: Orange County SC, 1st round winners

    San Diego
    San Diego Zest (PDL)
    Moreno Valley Fútbol Club (LQ)
    Albion SC Pros (San Diego) (NPSL)
    Chula Vista FC (LQ)
    2nd Round Opponents: 1st round winners

    FC Tucson (PDL)
    Azteca FC (Denver) (LQ)
    FC Wichita (NPSL)
    Colorado Rush (LQ)
    OKC Energy U23 (PDL)
    Tulsa Athletics (NPSL)
    Dutch Lions (Houston) (NPSL)
    NTX Rayados (Dallas) (LQ)
    2nd Round Opponents: Phoenix Rising FC, Colorado Springs Switchbacks, OKC Energy FC, San Antonio FC,

    Des Moines Menace (PDL)
    Grand Rapids FC (NSPL)
    Chicago FC United (PDL)
    AFC Cleveland (NPSL)
    Michigan Bucks (Pontiac, MI) (PDL)
    AFC Ann Arbor (NPSL)
    2nd Round Opponents: Tulsa Roughnecks FC, Indy Eleven, Saint Louis FC

    South Florida Surf (Port St. Lucie, FL) (PDL)
    Red Force FC (Miami, FL) (LQ)
    Miami United(NSPL)
    Boca Raton (LQ)
    The Villages SC (PDL)
    Jacksonville Armada U-23 (NPSL)
    2nd Round Opponents: Jacksonville Armada, Miami FC, Tampa Bay Rowdies

    Derby City Rovers (Louisville, KY) (PDL)
    Chattanooga FC (NSPL)
    SC United Bantams (Greenwood, SC) (PDL)
    Atlanta Silverbacks (NPSL)
    Charlotte Eagles (PDL)
    Legacy 76 (Williamsburg, VA) (NPSL)
    Carolina Dynamo (PDL)
    Fredericksburg FC (NPSL)
    2nd Round Opponents: North Carolina FC, Charleston Battery, Charlotte Independence, Louisville City FC

    Reading United (PDL)
    Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pittsburgh, PA) (LQ)
    Ocean City Nor’easters (PDL)
    Christos FC (Baltimore) (LQ)
    New Jersey Copa (Metuchen, NJ) (NPSL)
    Junior Lone Star (Philadelphis, PA) (LQ)
    Clarkstown (NY) SC Eagles (NPSL)
    FC Motown (Morristown, NY) (LQ)
    2nd Round Opponents: FC Cincinnati, Harrisburg City Islanders, Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Richmond Kickers

    Western Mass Pioneers (PDL)
    GPS Omens (Lawrence, MA) (LQ)
    GPS Portland (ME) Phoenix (PDL)
    Boston City FC (NPSL)
    2nd Round Opponents: Rochester Rhinos, New York Cosmos
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    Here's the offseason update of my ever popular* league ELO rankings.

    *not at all true

    Some basic info, for those who want it:
    1. These rankings use all USOC games since 1996 to determine the relative strengths of the leagues. The names used below just represent the current names of leagues at that level. In reality the leagues have changed around a lot, and what is now NASL used to be USL D-1, and the A League before it. Similarly for all the other levels.
    2. There are bound to be mistakes back in the history, but the beauty of ELO rankings is that they are self-correcting over time, so the "actual strengths" probably aren't too far off from this right now, even with errors in older competitions.
    3. The actual results used are as follows:
    a. Game finishes in regulation with a result: goals scored
    b. Game finishes after extra time with a result: goals scored
    c. Game goes to penalty kicks: goals scored before the penalty kicks. The game is "recorded" as a tie.
    4. A home team has its rating raised by 100, and the change in ratings for each of the teams is calculated based on the result of the game, and the relative difference between the two ratings. This means that currently, we would expect an NASL team hosting an MLS team to be slightly in favor of the MLS team, but not significantly so.
    5. The average change in score for any individual game is about 7. This means that one league goes up by 7, and the other down by 7.
    6. There is no way to account for the fact that many MLS teams play 'B' or 'C' sides in the first few rounds they participate. I can only base it on the teams fielded.


    To all of those who pay attention to these rankings, I pose a question. While I have traditionally shown the Leagues as NASL and USL, they are internally represented as "D2" and "D3". This was done intentionally because of the large amount of turnover in those leagues over the years. D2 has been "A-League", "USL", "USSF D-2 Pro League", and "NASL" over the years. D3 has been varying levels of USL primarily, but often not the top division in USL.

    We have a change this year in that NASL and USL have both been granted a provisional D2 sanctioning. So, should I lump both of the leagues into one pot (D2). Should I keep them separate?

    If I keep them separate, how should I go about that? Do I keep NASL as the continuation of D2 and USL for D3? Should I go back through the game history, and attempt to split the D2 history into its individual leagues?

    My personal thoughts are that since both are D2, and we've had a compromise D2 league before, that they should be lumped together in D2, and there be no "D3" in this year's rankings. However, I do know that people like to compare leagues even seemingly at the same level (see PDL/NPSL/USASA).
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    Since both the NASL and USL are only provisionally sanctioned as D2, I would keep them separate. I would also keep NASL as the continuation of D2 and USL a continuation of D3 for this year. I don't think the USL teams have magically become something different than they were last year so there is continuity especially since there isn't any actual D3 this year.

    It wouldn't bother me either way you decide to do it but I think it would be more interesting to keep them separate.

    If both leagues continue as D2 next year then maybe lump them together but if there still is no D3 then I don't see a big push to do that.
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    Based on this, and over at the MLS forum, I will keep them as I did last year. However, I have decided that if both leagues achieve official D2 sanctioning next year, they will merge in my rankings, including retroactively back through this year. If either or both achieve provisional sanctioning, then I will revisit this question then.
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    The first and second round pairings are out:


    Home team first, times are ET

    First Round

    Tuesday, May 9
    Red Force FC (Fla.) vs. South Florida Surf (PDL) 8:30 p.m.

    Wednesday, May 10
    Fredericksburg FC (NPSL) vs. Christos FC (Md.) 5 p.m.
    Atlanta Silverbacks (NPSL) vs. SC United Bantams (PDL) 5 p.m.
    El Farolito (Calif.) vs. Burlingame Dragons FC (PDL) 6 p.m.
    GPS Portland Phoenix (PDL) vs. GPS Omens (Mass.) 7 p.m.
    Western Mass Pioneers (PDL) vs. Boston City FC (NPSL) 7 p.m.
    New Jersey Copa FC (NPSL) vs. FC Motown (N.J.) 7 p.m.
    Charlotte Eagles (PDL) vs. Chattanooga FC (NPSL) 7 p.m.
    Carolina Dynamo (PDL) vs. Legacy 76 (NPSL) 7 p.m.
    Miami United FC (NPSL) vs. Boca Raton Football Club (Fla.) 7 p.m.
    Jacksonville Armada U-23 (NPSL) vs. The Villages SC (PDL) 7 p.m.
    Ocean City Nor'easters (PDL) vs. Junior Lone Star FC (Pa.) 7:30 p.m.
    Reading United AC (PDL) vs. Clarkstown SC Eagles (NPSL) 7:30 p.m.
    Michigan Bucks (PDL) vs. AFC Ann Arbor (NPSL) 7:30 p.m.
    Derby City Rovers (PDL) vs. Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pa.) 7:30 p.m.
    Chicago FC United (PDL) vs. Grand Rapids FC (NPSL) 8 p.m.
    Dutch Lions FC (NPSL) vs. NTX Rayados (Texas) 8 p.m.
    FC Wichita (NPSL) vs. Azteca FC (Colo.) 8 p.m.
    Des Moines Menace (PDL) vs. AFC Cleveland (NPSL) 8:30 p.m.
    Tulsa Athletic (NPSL) vs. Oklahoma City Energy U23 (PDL) 8:30 p.m.
    Sonoma County Sol (NPSL) vs. Anahuac FC (Nev.) 10 p.m.
    Albion SC Pros (NPSL) vs. Chula Vista FC (Calif.) 10 p.m.
    FC Golden State Force (PDL) vs. Outbreak FC (Calif.) 10 p.m.
    Fresno Fuego (PDL) vs. La Máquina FC (Calif.) 10 p.m.
    Ventura County Fusion (PDL) vs. Moreno Valley Fútbol Club (Calif.) 10 p.m.
    FC Tucson (PDL) vs. Colorado Rush (Colo.) 10:30 p.m.
    OSA FC (NPSL) vs. Sounders FC U-23 (PDL) 10:30 p.m.
    L.A. Wolves FC (Calif.) vs. San Diego Zest (PDL) 10:30 p.m.

    Second Round
    These are pairings irrespective of hosting and dates are either May 16 or 17.

    Miami FC (NASL) v. Red Force FC (Fla.)/South Florida Surf (PDL) winner
    Richmond Kickers (USL) v. Fredericksburg FC (NPSL)/Christos FC (Md.) winner
    Charleston Battery (USL) v. Atlanta Silverbacks (NPSL)/SC United Bantams (PDL) winner
    Rochester Rhinos (USL) v. FC Motown (N.J.)/New Jersey Copa FC (NPSL) winner
    Western Mass Pioneers (PDL)/Boston City FC (NPSL) winner vs. GPS Omens (Mass.)/GPS Portland Phoenix (PDL) winner
    Jacksonville Armada (NASL) v. Miami United FC (NPSL)/Boca Raton Football Club (Fla.) winner
    North Carolina FC (NASL) v. Carolina Dynamo (PDL)/Legacy 76 (NPSL) winner
    Charlotte Independence (USL) v. Charlotte Eagles (PDL)/Chattanooga FC (NPSL) winner
    Indy Eleven (NASL) v. Michigan Bucks (PDL)/AFC Ann Arbor (NPSL) winner
    Louisville City (USL) v. Derby City Rovers (PDL)/Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pa.) winner
    New York Cosmos (NASL) v. Reading United AC (PDL)/Clarkstown SC Eagles (NPSL) winner
    FC Cincinnati (USL) v. Des Moines Menace (PDL)/AFC Cleveland (NPSL) winner
    Tampa Bay Rowdies (USL) v. Jacksonville Armada U-23 (NPSL)/The Villages SC (PDL) winner
    Harrisburg City Islanders (USL) v. Ocean City Nor'easters (PDL)/Junior Lone Star FC (Pa.) winner
    Pittsburgh Riverhounds (USL) v. Chicago FC United (PDL)/Grand Rapids FC (NPSL) winner
    Saint Louis FC (USL) v. FC Wichita (NPSL)/Azteca FC (Colo.) winner
    San Antonio FC (USL) v. Dutch Lions FC (NPSL)/NTX Rayados (Texas) winner
    Tulsa Roughnecks (USL) v. Tulsa Athletic (NPSL)/Oklahoma City Energy U23 (PDL) winner
    OKC Energy FC (USL) v. Ventura County Fusion (PDL)/Moreno Valley Fútbol Club (Calif.) winner
    Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC (USL) v. FC Tucson (PDL)/Colorado Rush (Colo.) winner
    Phoenix Rising FC (USL) v. Fresno Fuego (PDL)/La Máquina FC (Calif.) winner
    Orange Count FC (USL) v. FC Golden State Force (PDL)/Outbreak FC (Calif.) winner
    Albion SC Pros (NPSL)/Chula Vista FC (Calif.) winner v. L.A. Wolves FC (Calif.)/San Diego Zest (PDL) winner
    Sacramento Republic (USL) v. Sonoma County Sol (NPSL)/Anahuac FC winner
    San Francisco Deltas (NASL) v. El Farolito (Calif.)/Burlingame Dragons FC (PDL) winner
    Reno 1868 FC (USL) v. OSA FC (NPSL)/Sounders FC U-23 (PDL) winner

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