2017-2018 U12-U17 NT [R]

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    you're probably right. My assumptions may have been off a generation or two.
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    With Lee Kangin finally debuting, the former tv program "Shoot-Dol-i" (where Kangin featured as a kid for those who dont know) is gaining some attention again (fans are already calling for a reboot).
    The report above names some other players who appeared in the third season alongside Kangin:

    - Seo Yosep (17, Osan High School) was the MVP of the 2016 middle school league. The attacking midfielder was called up for the U16 team last year. He seemingly had been accepted alongside LKI at Valencia, but the move didn't happen because the family wasn't (financially?) able to move abroad.

    - Lee Tae Seok (16, Osan High School) is the son of Lee Eul-Yong and is known as a great fullback talent (@killaorca will like that). He was a key member of the U16 team that won the ticket for the U17 WC next year.

    - Another one is called Kim Sung Min (17, also Osan High School) and had featured for the U16 NT last year.

    They seem like good friends (Osan connection maybe) and are said to be casually meeting Lee Kangin when he's in Korea.

    To me, it sounds a little overreacting (journalist trying to profit from the LKi hype), but I had already heard about LEY's son, so maybe he might be the real deal out of those 3.
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    The last season of shootdori that I watched was season 3, i remember little LKI haha. having a reboot would definitely help with the boom in youth football again which is a plus
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    seminal vs qatar
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    You know watching this, he wouldn't be a bad DM. He's good at taking the balls from his opponent and is pretty relentless. He's also good at getting the ball moving forward below the half line.

    Also pretty curious if we can get to see Kim Taeho (Augsburg) playing for this team. The CBs in this team weren't that impressive.

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