2017-2018 Champions League, Europa League, and Country Coefficients

Discussion in 'UEFA and Europe' started by EvanJ, Jul 4, 2017.

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    La Fiorita of San Marino just got a scoreless draw hosting Linfield of Northern Ireland. Linfield scored the only aggregate goal in the 89th minute of their home leg. In the six seasons from 2011-2012 through 2016-2017, 2013-2014 was the only season in which San Marino got any points, so a draw is an accomplishment for them.

    Europa League Qualifying Round 1 has 50 pairings. Two of them played their second legs today, including Niedercorn of Luxembourg, who has a 1.225 coefficient, winning 2-0 hosting Rangers to win the aggregate 2-1.
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    Russia vs Portugal, England vs Italy. There will be two coefficient battles this season.
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    The area around the cutoff between 2 and 1 CL spots seems fairly closely contested as well

    Czechia, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia and Denmark are within 2.2 points of each other, and only 4 of them is going to land 2 CL spots
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    As of right now, England 1.5 pts ahead of Italy and Russia with a fairly comfortable 3.3 points more than Portugal. The "race" for 6th this season will be more about Portugal trying to remain in striking distance for next season than about passing Russia.

    Some teams with fairly high coefficients were eliminated in the CL tonight meaning that the path to the group stage for the Italian and English teams involved (i.e. Liverpool & Napoli) in the playoff should be straight-forward. And for the same reason, CSKA and Sporting will also be seeded in that draw.

    England will have 5 teams in CL. Assuming Liverpool advance to the group-stage, they will be in Pot 3 for that draw along with Spurs (most likely). Chelsea are in pot 1 and both Manchester clubs in pot #2.

    Italy with just 3 teams in CL. Assuming Napoli advance to the group-stage, they will most likely be in Pot 3 with Roma, and Juve is in pot 1 of course.
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    Of future Italy better with four pieces in this formation !! :coffee:
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    Russia beginning to run away with 6th place. Now 5.1 points ahead of Portugal, including getting an extra 2.0 points this season already.

    This is the more important battle since 6th-place means 3 CL teams instead of 2.

    Good chance we’ll see 4 Russian teams in the EL knockout stages. Two of Portugal’s 5 remaining teams seem to be headed out of Europe OTOH.

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