2005/6 Chievo Thread [R]

Discussion in 'Italy: Northern Clubs' started by SueB, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. SueB

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    Mar 23, 1999
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    Every Serie A club deserves its own thread, even Chievo. :)

    Website - www.chievoverona.it (and it has an English version!)

    New arrivals - Giuseppe Pillon (manager - Treviso), Andrea Mantovani (defender - Torino), Alberto Fontana (keeper - Cesena).

    Key losses - Roberto Baronio (midfielder - Lazio), Luca Marchegiani (keeper - retired), Julio Cesar (keeper - Inter)

    Last year's finish - 14th
    Prospects - Pillon worked miracles at Treviso, but Chievo faces another season-long struggle to stay above the relegation zone. Veteran keeper Marchegiani will be missed although longtime Inter backup Alberto Fontana is an experienced replacement. 17-year-old Enrico Alfonso waits in the wings but is probably just a little too young to feature. Another young player, midfielder Paolo Sammarco of the U-21 national team, should see a lot more action following the return of Roberto Baronio to Lazio.

    Roster -
    18 Squizzi Lorenzo Domodossola (Vb) 20/06/1974
    Passarini Mattia Verona 29/07/1980
    1 Alfonso Enrico Padova 04/05/1988
    12 Fontana Alberto Cesena (Fc) 23/01/1967
    35 Pesaresi Emanuele Ancona 01/12/1976
    29 Mandelli Davide Monza (Mi) 28/06/1977
    17 Marchese Giovanni Caltanissetta 17/10/1984
    2 Mensah John Obuasi (Ghana) 29/11/1982
    23 Lanna Salvatore Carpi (Mo) 31/07/1976
    4 Malagò Marco Venezia 30/12/1978
    27 Moro Fabio Bassano del Grappa (Vi) 13/07/1975
    20 Mantovani Andrea Torino 22/06/1984
    3 D''Anna Lorenzo Oggiono (Lc) 29/01/1972
    5 Siqueira De Oliveira Luciano Rio de Janeiro (Brasile) 03/12/1975
    21 Sammarco Paolo Como 17/03/1983
    7 Semioli Franco Cirié (To) 20/06/1980
    14 Breviario Yuri Bergamo 01/04/1983
    33 Brighi Matteo Rimini 14/02/1981
    19 Franceschini Daniele Roma 13/01/1976
    10 Zanchetta Andrea Biella 02/02/1975
    55 Natsouras Antonios Meliki Veroias (Grecia) 18/12/1979
    13 Antonelli Agomeri Filippo Chieti 13/07/1978
    16 Landolina Emiliano Roma 23/07/1986
    31 Pellissier Sergio Aosta 12/04/1979
    15 Nsofor Obinna Victor Jos (Nigeria) 25/03/1987
    9 Tiribocchi Simone Roma 31/01/1978
    11 Carvalho de Oliveira Amauri Carapiquiba (Brasile) 03/06/1980
    99 Bruno Salvatore Napoli 09/11/1979
    24 Cossato Federico Verona 07/08/1972
  2. SueB

    SueB New Member

    Mar 23, 1999
    Waterbury, VT
    If Giuseppe Pillon isn't with a bigger club in the next year or two, I'll be shocked. He's working miracles with Chievo this year after doing the same thing at Treviso.
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    May 10, 2004
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    Jan 5, 2005
    hey ppl..from wat my understanding and pics i have seen, Chievo has 3 Main Sponsors and so have 3 Home & 3 Away jerseys..but i havent seen photos of the 3rd kit and the Goalkeeper kit.

    has anyone seen them or have any idea where i could see these kits??

  5. nirvaanfc

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    Jan 13, 2004
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    Juventus FC
    Looking at the Chievo roster their are good group of solid Italian players available.

    The team has a solid Italian look to their midfield:-
    Franco Semioli
    Andrea Zanchetta
    Matteo Brighi
    Daniele Franchescini

    Add to that bunch a few other quality players:-
    Salvatore Lanna
    Sergio Pellisier
    Simone Tiribocchi

    and seems the combination has done extremely well with a tinge of foriegn quality!
  6. Cassano

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    Jul 16, 2004
    AC Milan

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