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    Here are the rules for a 12 pt Major League Soccer pool:
    1. A maximum of 23 members can join per pool (because as of 2018 there are 23 MLS teams)
    2. Each entry is $xx
    3. Each member is randomly assigned a pro team after pool is filled
    4. Each time your team plays, record whether they win or tie. (3pts for a win, 1pt for a tie, 0 pts for a loss)
    5. The first team to earn minimum of 12 pts initially wins the pool... But wait!

    6. If a team gets to 12 pts in x number of games played, the other members must also have the chance to play the same number of games (in case some teams get a bi and do not play a weekly game).
    7. Once all the teams have played their # of games, the one with 12+ points (the most points) wins. If more than one team reaches the same number of points in the same number of games, winnings can be split.

    Other winnings (mini cash prizes) can be given to:
    1) The team that scored the most goals.
    2) Golden Boot: The team that has the #1 league goal scorer in those xx number of games played
    3) Silver Boot: The team that has the #1 league assist player in those xx number of games played
    4) Golden Glove: The team who has the most saves recorded in those xx number of games played

    (it's really open to your imagination)

    Once the pool is complete you can start a new one during the same season. Collect new money, keep the same teams or draw new teams of the members.

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