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CCL 2011-12 Qualifiers: Last Call in Latin America

Before any Puerto Ricans get on my case, I will clear this up from the start: for the purpose of this entry, I am using the definition of “Latin America” as the mainland countries, from Mexico to the Southern Cone, leaving the Caribbean in its own category. Not to say …


CCL 2011-12 Qualifiers: A Correction on Nicaragua

I was curious when the Hexagonal Blog stated in its Central American recap that CONCACAF had inspected the Estadio Independencia in Nicaragua last week, so I went looking for a source to confirm that information. Pinolero Sports had nothing, but Real Esteli’s own Facebook page proved a treasure trove of …


CCL 2011-12 Qualifiers: Nicaragua’s Final Set, But Champion Already Decided

Normally, Soccerway is an exceptionally reliable source for results in even the most obscure league in the world. So when it states that Real Esteli and Diriangen finished in the top two spots in the semifinal group stage, I’d normally assume that those two would move on to play in …