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CCL and Gold Cup Qualifiers: Let the Madness Begin

The most fallacious argument a Eurosnob can provide against deciding a league champion through playoffs is asserting, “That’s not how it’s done in the rest of the world!” In the only part of the world that actually matters to him or her, this may be true; but in our region, …


CCL 2013-14 Qualifiers: At the Doorstep (Plus: one AFC champion, coming right up)

Ask Monterrey fans what is the biggest match this weekend, and they will most likely point to the close of the Apertura regular season, as the rayados visit Cruz Azul in need of at least a draw (and some help) in order to reach the playoffs. While they are justifiably …


CCL 2013-14 Qualifiers: Three Shots (Plus: FULL Hexagonal Calendar)

Let me start by getting some housecleaning out of the way: due to a large influx of spam, I have resorted to emptying the folder without thumbing through the dozens of pages for a legitimate entry that might have ended up there by mistake. If you have submitted a comment …