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Champions League 2012-13: It really is that simple

Remember when MLS was clearly better than the Mexican league? Many of you may wonder if I hit my head during the process of writing this piece. Back in 2007, though, quite a few Major League Soccer aficionados were pounding their chests and claiming supremacy following the group stage of …


End-of-year reflections, because you can never have enough

Normally, my contribution to the bounty of 2012 in Review articles would have been published earlier, but the Apertura finals in Central America extended to the very last weekend of the year. While all the 2013-14 CONCACAF Champions League berths on offer before New Year’s Day have been claimed, the …


CCL 2013-14 Qualifiers: Yes, There Are Still Games Going On

The current year is in the books as far as MLS, Mexico and regional competitions are concerned. And before we move on, congratulations are in order for Cuba, winners of the 2012 Caribbean Cup (although withdrawing from the 2013 Gold Cup now appears impossible, what with the Caribbean Football Union’s …