CCL 2011-12 Qualifiers: Costa Rican Semifinals

Posted on April 18, 2011 12:24 am

All of the quarterfinal series in the Torneo de Verano finished today, leaving the four teams listed below still in contention. They will play each other home-and-away over the next two weekends, with the first team listed hosting the second leg:

LD Alajuelense vs. Herediano
Deportivo Saprissa vs. San Carlos

Any one of Herediano, Saprissa and San Carlos can make it to the next Champions League’s preliminary stage by winning the current Torneo. The scenarios differ for the latter two, though, should either reach the Final and lose to Alajuelense.

Over the course of the full year (both regular seasons and both playoffs), Herediano has amassed 67 points to San Carlos’s 62, while Saprissa’s 53 points leave it too far behind to catch the florenses with only four potential games left. Thus, while San Carlos still has a reasonable chance of overtaking Herediano, Saprissa would be obligated to win the Final against Alajuelense. Otherwise, Herediano (the Torneo de Invierno runner-up) would take the CRC2 spot as the runner-up with the superior season record…although Saprissa would still be able to hold out hope for an unseeded wild-card entry.

To recap the scenarios:

Herediano, Saprissa or San Carlos wins the Torneo de Verano –> Torneo winner gets the CRC2 spot.

Alajuelense beats San Carlos in the Final –> CRC2 spot goes to whoever ended up with more points between San Carlos and Herediano.

Alajuelense beats Saprissa in the Final –> Herediano gets the CRC2 spot.

EDIT: I should mention one more interesting aspect of these semifinals, one that slipped my mind when I was writing this entry: the Alajuelense-Herediano series is a rematch of the 2010 Torneo de Invierno championship, while the Saprissa-San Carlos series is a rematch of the Torneo de Verano Final before that.

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