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Miguel Herrera – Media Savant

Miguel “Piojo” Herrera likes being on TV. On the radio. On twitter. On facebook. A lot. Luckily for him, he is pretty good at it. For now. The wolves haven’t picked up on his scent just yet. Which is surprising really because he has been everywhere and he has been …





Top 23, January Edition

The decorations have been boxed up, the lights taken down, resolutions have been made, the parking lots at the local gym have swelled as they are wont to do this time of year, and the cedar (the habanero pepper of pollen) is everywhere. It must be January. But this isn’t …


Liga MX Semis Start Thursday

The worst kept secret in Mexican soccer was made public this week. No, not the fact that Miguel Herrera and Ricardo Pelaez were ratified by FMF to spearhead Mexico’s World Cup campaign. The fact that the Liga MX “rules” and “bylaws” don’t necessarily apply to the League’s 800 lb gorillas. …


Take a bow, Oribão

MIAMI, FL – When the German referee blew the final whistle, the celebrations were to say the least, subdued. The look on the players’ faces was not one of jubilation, as we had seen the day before in Stockholm and St. Denis, and the next day in Montevideo. Mexican players …


Peralta Savors the Moment

They call him “the Brush” on ESPN. Mexican commentators prefer to use “hermoso.” In the locker room, players affectionately refer to him as “Horrible.” Call him what you want, but there is no hiding the fact that Oribe Peralta has been Mexico’s most consistent performer over the past two years. …


Herrera’s Big Gamble

After Mexico started the final Hex with a scoreless draw at the Azteca, the question fans were asking was is this a blip, or a cause for alarm. over the course of the next 8 months the answer played out painfully, with poor play, even poorer coaching, and atrocious administration. …


FMF Showing Their True Colors

SOMEWHERE OVER SOUTH CAROLINA – Anyone who follows Mexican soccer should not find the strong rumors that emerged today surprising at all. It is always plan A, B, and C for solving any adverse situation. Of course, I am talking about replacing coaches. It is what they do. In an …


This American Lifeline

For you youngsters who have never experienced it, missing a World Cup is far, far worse then crashing out of the actual tournament.


San Raul de Villacoapa

Mexico’s World Cup chances were teetering on extinction. Another flat performance at home, especially in the 2nd half, allowed Panama to equalize Oribe Peralta’s 40th minute opener. Miguel Tejada scored in the 81st minute for Panama, who have been a jagged chunk of shrapnel in Mexico’s gut for the better …