World Cup Schedule Released

Posted on September 28, 2012 10:29

FIFA has announced dates and times for the Brasil’14 match schedule. We’ll have a few games in the evening in this part of the world for the first time in a while. Well, at least not the middle of the night.

For a week. In the first round. Everything after that will be in the afternoon, or Western European prime time. Here’s the schedule.

Even in this day and age, FIFA still caters to the European markets. I guess it’s that whole 14 participating countries thing. No big surprise; they do still call us the New World, after all.

I am not too sure what the weather is like in Brazil in their winter, but I am going to guess that at an early afternoon local start in June is a little more comfortable in Fortaleza than it would be in Orlando. Or Qatar.

Come to think of it, World Cup games look better in natural light anyway.

Mark your calendars – It’s gets going on a Thursday this time – June 12, 2014. The Final will be played on Sunday, July 13.

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