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NASL Indy Ready to Announce Team Name: Let’s Hope It’s None of These

What would happen if Indy Pro Soccer used other NASL-USL Pro team names as an example for naming their own team? Of course, that sounds like bad advice, doesn’t it? As the announcement happens tomorrow, let’s hope none of these names/logos are named. The RailHawks somehow mixed a mode of …


The State of MLS After Beckham; the Cosmos the Next NY MLS Team or Not?

The guys discuss the state of the league after Beckham’s time with LA, and whether the NY Cosmos, or another team, will get the NY spot that Garber keeps rapping about. On The Straight Red Card. www.thestraightredcard.com


Laser Pointer Beat Downs, Guzan Starts, Altidore Scores & the U17s Beat Brazil

The guys discuss the prevalence of laser pointers in football, Brad Guzan’s shot at Villa, Jozy Altidore’s goal for AZ, the U-17 victory over Brazil, the death of Socrates and Speed, the Cosmos demise, and the LA Galaxy’s road trip on The Straight Red Card.


Debating NY Cosmos Legitimacy: Archer vs Richey (Beating a Dead Horse Can Be Fun) on TSRC

Discourse regarding the NY Cosmos who Bill and Aaron pounded on last week. Dead horse? Break out the baseball bats, we’re not done–Bill and Derek go toe to toe. Is this how disagreements should be settled? [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqySvosyZEs"]YouTube – Debating the NY Cosmos: Archer vs Richey (Beating a Dead Horse Can …


MLS Could Learn Some Things from the Good Ol’ NASL says Jamie Trecker

Jamie Trecker explains why the good old North American Soccer League wasn’t Satanic and why your an “idiot” if you think it was… …How it nearly competed briefly with the NFL… [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32OrAyzgNnk"]YouTube – What MLS Can Learn From the 70s and NASL w/ FOX Soccer’s Jamie Trecker[/ame]


Jimmy Conrad Talks NY Cosmos, Youth Development & Nearly Signing for Hannover 96

Jimmy Conrad explains how he missed signing for Hannover 96 by a Ranger’s hair. Mr. Conrad also explains how and why he should have been on that Rosenborg club that took on Chelsea in the Champions League a while back–and why things just never worked out for him long-term overseas. …


Scoring Legend Giorgio Chinaglia Rejoins the New York Cosmos

More news for you crazy Cosmos fans–of which, I am one! U.S. Soccer Hall of Famer to Fulfill Role as International Ambassador October 26, 2010 (New York, NY) – The New York Cosmos today announced that Giorgio Chinaglia – four-time NASL champion and former striker for the world-renowned club – …


Cosmos Press Release: Celebrate Pelé’s Birthday with the NY Cosmos

For those crazy Cosmos fans! Of which, I am one! For the rest of you, its just a Cosmos media release, read no further: 2011 Official Fan Ball to be Released for Pre-Sale in the Heart of NYC – Times Square One-Day Pop Up Shop to Feature Product, Prizes and …


NY Cosmos Announce Giovanni Savarese as Cosmos Academy Director East and Partnership with LAFC

Press Release from the New York Cosmos reads as follows: THE NEW YORK COSMOS GOES COAST-TO-COAST WITH COSMOS ACADEMY Commitment to Youth Development Continues Across the U.S.; Key Partnerships and Coaches in New York and Los Angeles August 25, 2010 (New York, NY) The New York Cosmos continues its commitment …