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Damarcus Beasley to a New NASL Indianapolis Franchise in 2014? w/ Peter Wilt Part 2

The guys talk with Peter Wilt (former Chicago Fire GM) about how a new NASL Indianapolis team could connect with Indiana fans. How about a team full of players with Indiana roots? Could it be done? Damarcus Beasley to a new Indy franchise? Why not? Yes, and Peter Wilt explains. …


Solo Slams Chastain, Klinsmann Disses Lichaj for Roster vs Jamaica?

Hope Solo slams Brandi Chastain again on E:60. Klinsmann names the US Roster for the upcoming qualifiers vs Jamaica. Spector makes the squad but Lichaj gets omitted.


Garber & MLS “Better” About Allowing Players Go Abroad?

Are Don Garber and MLS serious about becoming a selling league? Are we under or over-valuing or players? Thoughts about Cameron’s move to Stoke. Tightshirt Twellman says he’s surprised Demerit hasn’t gotten another chance at the Nats–are you? On The Straight Red Card.


Michael Bradley to Roma, Clint Dempsey to Arsenal–Real or Memorex?

The guys explore the possible moves of Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey to Roma and Arsenal. How sure are we these deals will happen? The Bradley deal seems sealed, but what about Dempsey? How will they fair at bigger clubs? And a Euro Cup 2012 review on The Straight Red …


US v Antigua & Barbuda & Guatemala & Dexter St. Jock on TSRC

The guys discuss the friendly vs Canada, the first qualifier vs Antigua & Barbuda, and the upcoming match vs Guatemala…Oh, and Dexter St Jock. Enough 2-a-days already? Shift Bocanegra to LB and bring in Cameron? on The Straight Red Card…


The Biggest Surprises w/ Klinsmann’s 27 USMNT Roster: No Brek Shea?

The guys discuss the biggest surprises about Jurgen Klinsmann’s picks for the upcoming friendly/qualifying roster. Does the absence of Brek Shea make sense? Who fills in at the wing positions? Does this change the formation? Will Landon Donovan play out left? Danny Williams out right? How about Herculez Gomez out …


Did MLS Really Need to Suspend Simon Borg for His Comments on Female Soccer Fans?

Brett and Derek revisit the Simon Borg suspension for his opinions regarding fanatic women soccer fans. Did the MLS do a good job clarifying Borg’s comments? Did Borg? Was a suspension necessary? On The Straight Red Card.


To Cap or Not to Cap a Multi-National; & Bobby Convey Re-Invents Himself

The guys discuss the “cap him now” craze going on with US National team fans. Should we cap every multi-national player who shows potential? Is it necessary? Nagbe, Gyau, Movisiyan, Mwanga, Meara? And we all smile as Bobby Convey re-invents himself from Mr. Grumpypants to Mr. Sense of Humor. On …


Is Hans Backe a “Dick” for Not Allowing Ryan Meara To Play with the Irish U21s?

The guys discuss Hans Backe’s recent response to questions regarding Ryan Meara’s interest in playing for the Irish U21s. Was Backe right to tell Meara “no”? Was it Backe’s response that was bad, or did he have good reasons? On The Straight Red Card. www.thestraightredcard.com


Cannabis & Cabs; Indiana v Mexico U20s; Anti-Soccer in MLS?

The guys discuss the Mexican U20s victory over Indiana University; Grant Wahl’s jab at Mexican soccer fans and is there really anti-soccer, or bunker soccer in Major League Soccer? On The Straight Red Card.