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Klinsmann: US Team Needs to Be More “Nasty”

The guys discuss the US v Brazil friendly on The Straight Red Card. Does the USMNT need to be more “nasty?”


US v Brazil, US v Scotland Review: Are You Satisfied with Klinsmann’s Progress?

The guys review the US v Scotland and US v Brazil friendly matches in May 2012. Should we we happy with the progress Klinsmann has made? Herculez Gomez makes his mark. Landon Donovan dominates, and then gets dominated. Fabian Johnson slides right in to left back with ease. Bradley and …


The Biggest Surprises w/ Klinsmann’s 27 USMNT Roster: No Brek Shea?

The guys discuss the biggest surprises about Jurgen Klinsmann’s picks for the upcoming friendly/qualifying roster. Does the absence of Brek Shea make sense? Who fills in at the wing positions? Does this change the formation? Will Landon Donovan play out left? Danny Williams out right? How about Herculez Gomez out …


Should Klinsy Consider Cooper? In Search of the Best US U20s

Brett and Derek discuss whether Kenny Cooper has earned a look from Jurgen Klinsmann and the US National Team; also a review of Tab Ramos as the U20s manager and the struggles of trying to pick a final team out of hundreds of eligible players. On The Straight Red Card.


Gomez v Wondolowski for Nats; The Dickens Cider Co & Juventus Cheerleaders

Today’s show goes off the beaten path in the “short topics” segment as the guys continue to review the beginning of the MLS season and: >Discuss Wondolowski vs Herculez Gomez for the US National Team >Seattle Sounders Looking Good Despite CCL Loss to Santos >Portland Loses to New England (Really)? …


Dog Busts a Racist in Wales; Klinsmann Bullsh*ts Us About Herculez Gomez Exclusion

Howard Cosell intros this weeks segment of shows. Part 1 includes: How a racist jerk in Wales was busted making horrible remarks about how he hoped Fabrice Muamba was dead. Oh, and then he said his account was “hacked” once confronted. Also, how Klinsmann totally avoided the Herculez Gomez question, …


Herculez Deserves Call Up from Klinsmann; MLS Looking Better Than Ever in Champions League?

twitter: @straight_red The guys discuss: The Toronto v LA Galaxy & Santos v Seattle Sounders games. Is it time to give Herculez Gomez another shot on the national team? Beer can thrown at Beckham; General Electric responsible for all beer in the US? No beer without General Electric? Schmid vs …


Jurgen Klinsmann Too Expensive? AEG Helps Berhalter Get Hammarby Job…

Today’s Topics: Herculez Gomez to Santos; McLeish Tells Brad Guzan to forget about a loan stint; Soony Saad picks Lebanon?; Timmy Chandler Hunted by Stuttgart?; Klinsmann too Expensive for USSF?; Top Left Midfielders in MLS. On The Straight Red Card.


US v France Friendly: Klinsmann’s Questionable Call-Ups and Omissions

Brett and Derek examine Jurgen Klinsmann’s recent call-ups for the US v France friendly on November 11, 2011 on The Straight Red Card.