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Garber & MLS “Better” About Allowing Players Go Abroad?

Are Don Garber and MLS serious about becoming a selling league? Are we under or over-valuing or players? Thoughts about Cameron’s move to Stoke. Tightshirt Twellman says he’s surprised Demerit hasn’t gotten another chance at the Nats–are you? On The Straight Red Card.


US v Antigua & Barbuda & Guatemala & Dexter St. Jock on TSRC

The guys discuss the friendly vs Canada, the first qualifier vs Antigua & Barbuda, and the upcoming match vs Guatemala…Oh, and Dexter St Jock. Enough 2-a-days already? Shift Bocanegra to LB and bring in Cameron? on The Straight Red Card…


The Biggest Surprises w/ Klinsmann’s 27 USMNT Roster: No Brek Shea?

The guys discuss the biggest surprises about Jurgen Klinsmann’s picks for the upcoming friendly/qualifying roster. Does the absence of Brek Shea make sense? Who fills in at the wing positions? Does this change the formation? Will Landon Donovan play out left? Danny Williams out right? How about Herculez Gomez out …


Top 20 American MLS players Who Never Took a Shot Abroad

By Derek Richey of The Straight Red Card Waking up the other morning, I was thinking about all the Americans playing abroad now (whether it be Mexico or Holland, England or Germany) and I started considering how much things have evolved for the American soccer player since I kicked around …


An Ugly Night in Panama City: USA Limps to a 1-0 Win Over Panama

It was hard to tell what was worse, the US play vs Panama, or the play-by-play by Ricardo Ortiz and Tightshirt Twellman. I’ve personally never met anyone with their head on a “swizzle” (as Tightshirt Twellman put it) but I’m sure its possible in a Saw III sort of way. …


US v Venezuela: Afterwards, Who Really Has a Chance at Making the US Nats?

The guys discuss the US v Venezuela game on Jan 21, 2012 and tell you who excelled and who didn’t and what players have a chance at making the US “A” Team down the road based on this performance. On The Straight Red Card.


Players w/ the Most to Prove to Klinsmann; Cameron Needs to Move to Europe?

Brett and Derek discuss which players have the most to prove to Klinsmann at Camp Cupcake. What’s the best route for players to get on the US National Team? Does Geoff Cameron need to start making plans now to play in Europe? Featuring discussions on CJ Sapong, Chris Wondolowski, Geoff …


Camp Cupcake Review: Klinsmann Picks for the Latest US Roster a Breath of Fresh Air?

The guys review Jurgen Klinsmann’s picks for Camp Cupcake, the latest US Roster call up, and discuss Eddie Johnson’s move to Puebla FC on The Straight Red Card.


Landon Donovan Back To Everton: What’s the Point?

This week’s topics episode 1: Landon Donovan goes back to Everton; will Geoff Cameron get a “fair shot” at the US National Team?; Edson Buddle gets dismissed by Ingolstadt prematurely–is it really “fitness” related? On The Straight Red Card.


MLS Cup 2011: Beckham Defeats Dynamo! Or, I Mean, Galaxy Defeats Dynamo…

The guys discuss the MLS Finals result, Houston v LA Galaxy. Was it a good game? Who played well? Who stunk up the place? Was missing Brad Davis that important? What about the 3 DP Special (Oh Yeah!)? On The Straight Red Card…