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2014 US World Cup Draw: Not as Grim as it Seems

The US draw for the 2014 World Cup isn’t as grim as it seems. The guys discuss the possibilities and realities of group G of the World Cup in Brazil.


Many More International MLS-Based Players in 2014 World Cup Likely

by Derek Richey For a league that still gets trampled on and derided by American Euro-league-snobs and presumptuous foreigners who haven’t seen an actual MLS game for 4-6 years, there seems to be real progress in the potential number of players who are based in MLS that will more than …


“The Grand Conceit of American Soccer” or the Conceit of the Author?

The guys discuss Ken Sweda’s recent bashing of MLS, the USSF in his article on 3Four3 called “The Grand Conceit of American Soccer” where Sweda refers to MLS fans as “bamboozled” and American MLS players as “sub-par” and “soccer deficient college graduates.” Not that the article needs more views, but …


Should Clint Dempsey Stay at Fulham? on TSRC

Brett and Derek discuss all the hoopla surrounding Dempsey’s possible move from Fulham to Arsenal or Roma or otherwise. Also, Grant Wahl’s Top 15 Seasons for American’s Abroad. Did he make the right picks? On The Straight Red Card.


How (Not) to Fix American Soccer: Bring an EPL Team to New York?

Brett and Derek discuss the “fixing American soccer” article by businessinsider deputy editor Nicholas Carlson which conceives of a plot to buy Wolverhampton Wanderers and move them to New York City in an effort to bring EPL football to North America–providing an example to Americans kids everywhere that playing top …


Roland Martin Wants You To Beat Up Soccer Fans; Downing v Donovan; Zamora-less Fulham Doomed?

The guys discuss a whole host of topics including: 1. Stuart Downing vs Landon Donovan–who’s the better bargain? 2. Is Fulham doomed without Bobby Zamora, or are some EPL announcers just idiots? 3. Brett dissects the “Bulgeless” David Beckham Commercial 4. Roland Martin asks you to beat anyone who likes …


Soccer in the US is “Hopeless” Says NY Times Roger Cohen

The guys discuss Roger Cohen’s lastest article for the New York Times were he describes MLS as a “sad sideshow” and Thierry Henry and David Beckham as “has-beens.” On The Straight Red Card.


How Can Soccer Really Reach a Wider US Audience? with Chris Medley on TSRC

Derek and Brett interview Christopher Medley about his youtube video concerning “Soccer and the Mechanics of Sport.” How can US soccer announcers and producers do a better job in reaching more American fans? How can they better tap into the American psyche in regards to how they watch sports? Christopher …


Andy Carroll vs Clint Dempsey; LeToux to Bolton? Beckham MLS Ambassador?

The guys discuss whether (if you were Liverpool) whether you would rather have bought Clint Dempsey or Andy Carroll, at this point; LeToux’s trial at Bolton; and Beckham’s claims that he has “unfinished” business as an ambassador of Major League Soccer. On The Straight Red Card.


Fan Attempts Karate Kick on AZ Goalie; John Terry Escapes Racism Ban–So Far…

The guys discuss the Fan attack Incident on the AZ Goalie and whether the referee did the right thing, they also compare the Suarez 8 game suspension vs the John Terry racial abuse situation.