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Many More International MLS-Based Players in 2014 World Cup Likely

by Derek Richey For a league that still gets trampled on and derided by American Euro-league-snobs and presumptuous foreigners who haven’t seen an actual MLS game for 4-6 years, there seems to be real progress in the potential number of players who are based in MLS that will more than …


Why Mike Magee Should Get a Call-up to the US National Team

by Derek Richey Mike Magee. What a guy. Is there any doubt about his ability to take a ball on the cut or out of the air? Is there any doubt about his skills on the ground? Is there any doubt that he’s one of the best American players to …


The State of MLS After Beckham; the Cosmos the Next NY MLS Team or Not?

The guys discuss the state of the league after Beckham’s time with LA, and whether the NY Cosmos, or another team, will get the NY spot that Garber keeps rapping about. On The Straight Red Card. www.thestraightredcard.com


Landon Donovan Really Quiting Soccer?

Is Landon Donovan quitting soccer? Were Landon’s admissions over the past month the real deal? Why didn’t he take some time off and THEN tell us about his soul-searching/burn-out? Why build the anticipation? Why not just take some time off and then let us know? On The Straight Red Card.


MLS All-Stars Defeat Chelsea 3-2; Really a “Message” to Europe?

The guys discuss the MLS All-Star victory over Chelsea (2012), 3-2. Does this game really send a message to Europe about hoe MLS has improved? Also, who were your players of the game? Wondolowski, Henry, Beckham, Pontius, Beitshour, Morrow, Alonso, Demerit? On the Straight Red Card.


How does Alonso Fit Into the National Team Picture? US Open Cup Becomes MLS Fest

The guys discuss the potential inclusion of Alonso (Seattle Sounders) to the US National Team options. Would Klinsmann include him in future lineups? The US Open Cup becomes a MLS festival…On The Straight Red Card. www.thestraightredcard.com.


Major League Soccer’s Designated Players: The Best & The Busts on TSRC

Brett and Derek discuss the best and worst designated players ever signed to Major League Soccer, featuring Thierry Henry, Landon Donovan, Juan Pablo Angel, Blanco, and more….On The Straight Red Card.


MLS Mostly Bows Out of Champions League; Rough Start for Some in MLS

Major League Soccer’s LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders fall out of the CONCACAF Chanpions League. The guys also review the first couple games of MLS season. Who is in trouble? Why does NY look so bad? On The Straight Red Card.


Herculez Deserves Call Up from Klinsmann; MLS Looking Better Than Ever in Champions League?

twitter: @straight_red The guys discuss: The Toronto v LA Galaxy & Santos v Seattle Sounders games. Is it time to give Herculez Gomez another shot on the national team? Beer can thrown at Beckham; General Electric responsible for all beer in the US? No beer without General Electric? Schmid vs …


Legacy: Bruce Arena vs Bob Bradley; Robbie Rogers, No Playing Time Yet at Leeds

The guys discuss Simon Borg’s article which urged David Beckham to make a call to the English FA and recommend Bruce Arena for the English National Team Manager spot. But wouldn’t Bob Bradley be just as good or better; or have a better shot? Also, Robbie Rogers still looking for …