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Brek Shea vs Mike Magee; Group B Real Group of Death

Brek Shea vs Mike Magee on the US Nats & you think the US got screwed with their World Cup group? At least we’re not Australia.


Many More International MLS-Based Players in 2014 World Cup Likely

by Derek Richey For a league that still gets trampled on and derided by American Euro-league-snobs and presumptuous foreigners who haven’t seen an actual MLS game for 4-6 years, there seems to be real progress in the potential number of players who are based in MLS that will more than …


Building a Fan Base in New Expansion Teams: Peter Wilt Talks Indianapolis Soccer Part 3

Former Chicago Fire GM Peter Wilt discusses the ins-and-outs of building a new fan base for an expansion team. Who are they? What are the growing demographics? How do we reach them? In particular, Peter addresses the process of bringing an NASL team to Indianapolis. If you’re in the Indy …


Building Pro Soccer Across the US and Indianapolis w/ Peter Wilt (Part 1)

Peter Wilt discusses with the guys concerning the expansion of NASL in North America, and in particular, Indianapolis. What makes Indy the right spot? Will it be viable? What are the plans to build a fan base in Indy? On the Straight Red Card. www.thestraightredcard.com


Gay Pride TIFO Revisited; Where’s Waldo? Rolfe To Rescue? Marquez = Bonehead & Bad Tattoos

In a bid for the longest title ever for a bigsoccer blog: The guys discuss a myriad of topics in the “Short Topics” section of the show: a look back on the Chicago Fire Section 8 Gay Pride TIFO situation with comments from Section 8′s Tom Dunmore; what about those …


Major League Soccer’s Designated Players: The Best & The Busts on TSRC

Brett and Derek discuss the best and worst designated players ever signed to Major League Soccer, featuring Thierry Henry, Landon Donovan, Juan Pablo Angel, Blanco, and more….On The Straight Red Card.


Integrating MLS Reserves with USL or NASL, Part 1

The guys discuss Brian Quarstad’s article on IMS Soccer News about how MLS might integrate the MLS Reserves into the lower divisions of soccer. The USL seems hot about this idea. The NASL is lukewarm. Why? Would either league benefit from this relationship? Is it even feasible? On The Straight …


The Chicago Fire & Oatmeal, Yummy; Dos Santos Agent Rips MLS

The guys discuss the Chicago Fire’s Jersey Sponsorship with Quaker Oats–anyone really have a problem with this? Nyarko wants the US Men’s National Team to want him; Gio Dos Santos Agent Takes a Poop on MLS. On The Straight Red Card.


Alessandro Del Piero to MLS? “Retirement League” Critics Pounce Again

The guys discuss the rumors that Chicago and Seattle are looking into bringing Del Piero to MLS and all the critics who claim that it proves once again that MLS is a “retirement league.” On the Straight Red Card.


Brek Shea Trains with Arsenal; Hamid Heads Overseas

Brett and Derek discuss DC United’s probe of Baltimore, Brek Shea’s training stint with Arsenal and Hamid’s move to Europe to train as well.