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Klinsmann: US Team Needs to Be More “Nasty”

The guys discuss the US v Brazil friendly on The Straight Red Card. Does the USMNT need to be more “nasty?”


Timothy Chandler Says “No Thanks” to Jurgen Klinsmann: It’s Serious This Time

The discussion is back on: why did Timothy Chandler refuse Jurgen Klinsmann’s call up to the US National Team squad preparing for CONCACAF qualifying? Was it the Nurnberg influence again? Is he having second thoughts? Or as Brian Sciaretta put it today on twitter: Maybe Timmy’s heart just isn’t in …


Cannabis & Cabs; Indiana v Mexico U20s; Anti-Soccer in MLS?

The guys discuss the Mexican U20s victory over Indiana University; Grant Wahl’s jab at Mexican soccer fans and is there really anti-soccer, or bunker soccer in Major League Soccer? On The Straight Red Card.


Should Klinsy Consider Cooper? In Search of the Best US U20s

Brett and Derek discuss whether Kenny Cooper has earned a look from Jurgen Klinsmann and the US National Team; also a review of Tab Ramos as the U20s manager and the struggles of trying to pick a final team out of hundreds of eligible players. On The Straight Red Card.


Clint Dempsey to Arsenal Next Season? Good Move?

Brett and Derek discuss whether it’s time for Clint Dempsey to move to a bigger club. And how about playing Donovan up top with Dempsey on the Nats as well? How about Chandler at right midfield instead of left back? Does anyone really want to talk about the CONCACAF Champions …


Wynalda: US Soccer Player Talent Now Outweighs US Coaching Talent

The guys discuss Eric Wynalda’s recent tweet that US Soccer talent now outweighs the ability of the coaching in this country. On The Straight Red Card.


Wahl: Where are the Next Donovans and Dempseys? Reason for Concern?

The guys address Grant Wahl’s concern about where the next generation of top-notch American players are coming from to take Dempsey and Donovan’s place. Did he overlook Altidore, or is it too soon to say despite his goal-scoring in Holland? Is Boyd the next McBride? Do you see any of …


US U23s Lose To Canada 2-0; Chances of Making Olympics “Less than 50%” on TSRC

Brett and Derek discuss the US loss to Canada in Olympic qualifying (2-0). What are Caleb Porter’s chances of getting the US into the Olympic games? Who is to blame for the 2-0 defeat to Canada? Can we beat El Salvador? If so, how do we get past Mexico in …


Major League Soccer Would Be Bigger Than NASCAR, But for Soccer Moms?

The guys discuss: Qatar’s Questioning Alcohol in Stadiums; Jones producing for Schalke in Europa League; Soccer Mom’s Delayed the Growth of MLS by Jason Davis in the Guardian. On The Straight Red Card. Twitter: @straight_red


Don Garber’s 3 Keys to MLS Success? Nowak is Grumpy Grinch

The guys discuss Don Garber’s 3 Keys to MLS Growth & Success: 1. developing world class players in MLS; 2. winning the CONCACAF Champions League; 3. improving the MLS TV Audience. Also, a few teams in MLS that look like they have rough seasons ahead of them (New England, Philadephia …