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US v Antigua & Barbuda & Guatemala & Dexter St. Jock on TSRC

The guys discuss the friendly vs Canada, the first qualifier vs Antigua & Barbuda, and the upcoming match vs Guatemala…Oh, and Dexter St Jock. Enough 2-a-days already? Shift Bocanegra to LB and bring in Cameron? on The Straight Red Card…


Klinsmann: US Team Needs to Be More “Nasty”

The guys discuss the US v Brazil friendly on The Straight Red Card. Does the USMNT need to be more “nasty?”


US v Brazil, US v Scotland Review: Are You Satisfied with Klinsmann’s Progress?

The guys review the US v Scotland and US v Brazil friendly matches in May 2012. Should we we happy with the progress Klinsmann has made? Herculez Gomez makes his mark. Landon Donovan dominates, and then gets dominated. Fabian Johnson slides right in to left back with ease. Bradley and …


Who does Klinsmann Axe from His US Men’s Team Roster of 27?

The guys discuss Jurgen Klinsmann’s roster of 27 on the United States Men’s National Team and who should be axed before the US v Scotland friendly on The Straight Red Card. Audio oddness occurs. We recommend listening in mono or use left/right adjustments.


The Biggest Surprises w/ Klinsmann’s 27 USMNT Roster: No Brek Shea?

The guys discuss the biggest surprises about Jurgen Klinsmann’s picks for the upcoming friendly/qualifying roster. Does the absence of Brek Shea make sense? Who fills in at the wing positions? Does this change the formation? Will Landon Donovan play out left? Danny Williams out right? How about Herculez Gomez out …


Who’s the Genius that Decided to Name the US Nats Squad in Two Parts? On TSRC

The guys discuss the call up of the first 16 by Jurgen Klinsmann for the United States Mens Team squad for the upcoming friendlies and CONCACAF qualifying. On The Straight Red Card.


Timothy Chandler Says “No Thanks” to Jurgen Klinsmann: It’s Serious This Time

The discussion is back on: why did Timothy Chandler refuse Jurgen Klinsmann’s call up to the US National Team squad preparing for CONCACAF qualifying? Was it the Nurnberg influence again? Is he having second thoughts? Or as Brian Sciaretta put it today on twitter: Maybe Timmy’s heart just isn’t in …


Fire Porter and Gulati for Olympic Failure? Adu Proves He is Ready for National Team?

The guys discuss whether Caleb Porter and Sunil Gulati need to be reaching for resignation pens after the US U23 defeat in Olympic qualifying. They also talk about Grant Wahl’s response to whether Freddy Adu’s U23 performance earned him a look from Jurgen Klinsmann for the senior squad. Freddy Adu …


Wahl: Where are the Next Donovans and Dempseys? Reason for Concern?

The guys address Grant Wahl’s concern about where the next generation of top-notch American players are coming from to take Dempsey and Donovan’s place. Did he overlook Altidore, or is it too soon to say despite his goal-scoring in Holland? Is Boyd the next McBride? Do you see any of …


Did Youth Player “Coddling” Lead to US Soccer U23 Olympic Failure? Porter Naive?

The guys discuss several articles critical of the US Soccer U23 performance during Olympic qualifying. Chuck Murphy says our players are too coddled. Grant Wahl and Matthew Doyle point out Caleb Porter’s managing naivete vs Canada and El Salvador. When Terrence Boyd went down with a bloody nose, why didn’t …