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Promotion & Relegation Isn’t Happening—But Here’s Another Solution

Okay, first don’t crucify us for posting this… This is meant to give us all another option to P&R, not to rant for more P&R! So, Promotion & Relegation isn’t happening anytime soon in the US soccer pyramid…But what if there was another solution that didn’t threaten MLS teams with …


NASL Indy Ready to Announce Team Name: Let’s Hope It’s None of These

What would happen if Indy Pro Soccer used other NASL-USL Pro team names as an example for naming their own team? Of course, that sounds like bad advice, doesn’t it? As the announcement happens tomorrow, let’s hope none of these names/logos are named. The RailHawks somehow mixed a mode of …


The State of MLS After Beckham; the Cosmos the Next NY MLS Team or Not?

The guys discuss the state of the league after Beckham’s time with LA, and whether the NY Cosmos, or another team, will get the NY spot that Garber keeps rapping about. On The Straight Red Card.


Damarcus Beasley to a New NASL Indianapolis Franchise in 2014? w/ Peter Wilt Part 2

The guys talk with Peter Wilt (former Chicago Fire GM) about how a new NASL Indianapolis team could connect with Indiana fans. How about a team full of players with Indiana roots? Could it be done? Damarcus Beasley to a new Indy franchise? Why not? Yes, and Peter Wilt explains. …


Building Pro Soccer Across the US and Indianapolis w/ Peter Wilt (Part 1)

Peter Wilt discusses with the guys concerning the expansion of NASL in North America, and in particular, Indianapolis. What makes Indy the right spot? Will it be viable? What are the plans to build a fan base in Indy? On the Straight Red Card.


Olympic U23 Failure Leads Vulture “Writers” (Queenan) to Trash Soccer in US

Brett and Derek discuss the U23 Olympic Failure in TN and how certain journalists and writers used the incident to condemn soccer in the United States–in particular, Joe Queenan’s crappy piece in the Wall Street Journal called “A Final Red Card for American Soccer” which was neither satirical or humorous. …


MLS a “Fake League” No Better Than Burger King? Fucito Dumped for EJ in Seattle

Brett and Derek discuss Jonah Freedman’s article about how MLS needs to reach out & win over fans addicted to Euro soccer in the US and Ted Westervelt’s tweetfest slamming Jonah’s article and MLS as a “fake” league. Also, Eddie Johnson gets swapped for Mike Fucito and Neagle in Seattle. …


Integrating MLS Reserves with USL or NASL, Part 2

Brett and Derek continue a heated discussion about integrating MLS Reserves with the USL and NASL based on Brian Quarstad’s recent article in IMS. How does it benefit MLS to partner with the lower leagues? Derek suggests that in the long run, it doesn’t. And why the NASL should avoid …


Integrating MLS Reserves with USL or NASL, Part 1

The guys discuss Brian Quarstad’s article on IMS Soccer News about how MLS might integrate the MLS Reserves into the lower divisions of soccer. The USL seems hot about this idea. The NASL is lukewarm. Why? Would either league benefit from this relationship? Is it even feasible? On The Straight …


Time to Ditch Major League Soccer “Discovery Rights” Rules? w Simon Allen

The guys finish the discussion about Kenny Cooper’s departure and Gavin Wilkinson’s unfortunate words, and then take on Etienne Barbara’s complaints regarding the MLS “Discovery Rights” rules that he thinks has the Montreal Impact offering him an unfair wage. On The Straight Red Card.