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Why Mike Magee Should Get a Call-up to the US National Team

by Derek Richey Mike Magee. What a guy. Is there any doubt about his ability to take a ball on the cut or out of the air? Is there any doubt about his skills on the ground? Is there any doubt that he’s one of the best American players to …


Don Garber’s 3 Keys to MLS Success? Nowak is Grumpy Grinch

The guys discuss Don Garber’s 3 Keys to MLS Growth & Success: 1. developing world class players in MLS; 2. winning the CONCACAF Champions League; 3. improving the MLS TV Audience. Also, a few teams in MLS that look like they have rough seasons ahead of them (New England, Philadephia …


MLS Mostly Bows Out of Champions League; Rough Start for Some in MLS

Major League Soccer’s LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders fall out of the CONCACAF Chanpions League. The guys also review the first couple games of MLS season. Who is in trouble? Why does NY look so bad? On The Straight Red Card.


Jurgen Klinsmann Too Expensive? AEG Helps Berhalter Get Hammarby Job…

Today’s Topics: Herculez Gomez to Santos; McLeish Tells Brad Guzan to forget about a loan stint; Soony Saad picks Lebanon?; Timmy Chandler Hunted by Stuttgart?; Klinsmann too Expensive for USSF?; Top Left Midfielders in MLS. On The Straight Red Card.


Twellman Replaces Harkes, Don Garber Goes Off, and What About That Free-Kick Spray?

The guys discuss Taylor Twellman’s ascension at ESPN, Harkes departure, Sepp Blatter’s big mouth, and Don Garber’s revelations on MLS expansion and Sepp Blatter during halftime at the MLS Cup Finals. Oh, and the whole Cosmos thing….And what about that free-kick spray?


MLS Cup 2011: Beckham Defeats Dynamo! Or, I Mean, Galaxy Defeats Dynamo…

The guys discuss the MLS Finals result, Houston v LA Galaxy. Was it a good game? Who played well? Who stunk up the place? Was missing Brad Davis that important? What about the 3 DP Special (Oh Yeah!)? On The Straight Red Card…


Beckham’s Last Chance at LA Galaxy Redemption? MLS Finals, Galaxy v Dynamo

Brett and Derek discuss the MLS Finals: LA Galaxy v Houston Dynamo on the Straight Red Card.