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The State of MLS After Beckham; the Cosmos the Next NY MLS Team or Not?

The guys discuss the state of the league after Beckham’s time with LA, and whether the NY Cosmos, or another team, will get the NY spot that Garber keeps rapping about. On The Straight Red Card.


Olympic U23 Failure Leads Vulture “Writers” (Queenan) to Trash Soccer in US

Brett and Derek discuss the U23 Olympic Failure in TN and how certain journalists and writers used the incident to condemn soccer in the United States–in particular, Joe Queenan’s crappy piece in the Wall Street Journal called “A Final Red Card for American Soccer” which was neither satirical or humorous. …


Integrating MLS Reserves with USL or NASL, Part 2

Brett and Derek continue a heated discussion about integrating MLS Reserves with the USL and NASL based on Brian Quarstad’s recent article in IMS. How does it benefit MLS to partner with the lower leagues? Derek suggests that in the long run, it doesn’t. And why the NASL should avoid …


Garber Throws Cosmos a Bone; Beckham Stays in LA; Gonzo & Chandler Clash

The guys discuss Howard’s insane goal in the EPL vs Bolton (why so much media attention?); Beckham opts to stay with the LA Galaxy; Omar Gonzalez and Timothy Chandler Clash at Nurnberg, Omar Tears ACL; Garber Throws the Cosmos a Bone; and MLS Reveals TV Deals for 2012 Season. On …


Laser Pointer Beat Downs, Guzan Starts, Altidore Scores & the U17s Beat Brazil

The guys discuss the prevalence of laser pointers in football, Brad Guzan’s shot at Villa, Jozy Altidore’s goal for AZ, the U-17 victory over Brazil, the death of Socrates and Speed, the Cosmos demise, and the LA Galaxy’s road trip on The Straight Red Card.