US vs Honduras: Likely Line-up & Formation

Posted on February 5, 2013 7:25 am

I’ve been wrong before (not by much–and that’s just not my ego talking–JK is fairly predictable!), but I’m about 90% on picking Jurgen’s starting line-ups for the show (The Straight Red Card).

The 4-3-3 will also look a lot like a 4-5-1, as usual. It would be surprising, with all players available, if Jones, Bradley and Williams don’t start in some form of a rotating middle triangle 3, with Dempsey and Zusi/Gomez pinching in from the wings.

The biggest adjustments to my picks could happen if Klinsmann decides (once again) that Altidore doesn’t deserve a shot up top as a starter. If he doesn’t, expect Gomez up there. If Altidore shows well in practice, expect Zusi or Gomez to start up the wing.

Dempsey could play a 2nd Striker role, but it won’t likely be as a real 2nd striker, but as a pinched in winger from the left side. As usual, he’ll spend plenty of time having the freedom during possession to do whatever he wants, but will drop back on defense–predominantly on the left side.

I would be shocked if JK doesn’t play Jones, Bradley and Williams in the middle, which is why I picked this formation. Williams will play mostly in front of the back 4 during defensive stages of the game UNLESS Klinsmann agains allows Bradley to play the more holding/possession role, which would again throw a monkey-wrench in my picks. But wouldn’t it be nice to see Bradley freed up to move forward with Jones on the counter-attack knowing Williams is back there to sure things up?

For those who are sure Bocanegra should be thrown overboard for Gonzalez: don’t expect it to happen in game one of the Hex. Gonzalez is the future, sure, but to start this scary Hex, I forsee the Cameron and Bocanegra partnership that Jurgen is most comfortable with. Don’t expect Klinsmann to go experimenting with a new Cameron and Gonzalez qualifying partnership for the first game of the WCQ.

2-1, US.

Article by Derek Richey

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