And you thought Fridays were quiet…

Posted on March 6, 2009 6:12 pm

Lots of things going on today so why not throw some links at you. More to come over the weekend…and I should some more interviews lined up in the coming weeks.

Beckham be gone. We’re all ready for it to end. I don’t necessarily agree with the whole set-up and nor do others. It should be he stays or he goes, but enough of this. End it.

According to this guy, Cathal Kelly, Beckham leaving is a death sentence for the league. It’s almost three days old – and Bill Archer had the proper response to it – but man is it still causing us MLS fans to lash out. The guy clearly didn’t do his homework and, unfortunately, nothing we say or write in the comment section will keep him from writing another story just the same. There has been several replies but this response seems to do the trick.

Let’s scoot on over to Spain where Gianfranco Panizo over Soccer by Ives was on top of Xerez’s named squad for their upcoming match vs. Levante. Once again, Jozy is not in it. Nobody can make sense of it. A month and a half ago Jozy was at least seeing minutes here and there and now he’s a step down and left out in the cold. If he doesn’t play or dress for that matter, why bring him in on loan?

Over in England, the injured keep piling up for Chelsea as they try and gain traction and reel in Manchester United, 7 points ahead. This time, it was Paulo Ferreira. Having only played in 7 games so far this season, it shouldn’t be a huge blow for the Blues but a lack of depth is a lack of depth. You can add the Portuguese fullback to a list that includes Michael Essien and Joe Cole.

If you were worried about C’ashley’ Cole and his drink a lot before a game problem, Guus Hiddink seems to not be worrying too much about it so it’s all good. Cole will be in Chelsea’s line-up this weekend vs. Coventry in FA Cup play, while there wasn’t much of a mention about the other two Chelsea guys with him that night. Skipper John Terry and young defender Michael Mancienne were out and about as well, drunk but not disorderly. Cole took care of the disorderly part all himself, unleashing a Julia Roberts on the papparazzi before getting arrested. Don’t worry, he has been fined.

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