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Daniel Gordon’s 30 for 30 film on the Hillsborough disaster will re-air Sunday night at 10:00 pm on ESPN2. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a little space on your DVR.


Stuff I’m Not Writing About

Work on another omnibus “FIFA Is a Den of Rats and Weasels” post having been slowed by the need to comply with our beloved government’s edict that it be fed lest it devour us all, a number of topics are herewith being tossed to the curb due to lack of …


To Everything There is a Season

One of the articles of faith among the kind of American soccer fans who are positive that MLS could transform itself into a World Class League© overnight by adopting a system of Promotion and Relegation is the one regarding making the switch to a Fall-to-Spring season, otherwise known as “aligning …


Uncle Jack, The FBI and The Smoking Gun

Jack Warner is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The Telegraph reports that they have seen some documents which are currently in the hands of the FBI – emails and bank records mostly – which prove that former CONCACAF President Jack Warner and his sons received more than two …


“Who’s Your Father, Referee?”

Once again this weekend, the guys holding the whistles at MLS games will either be replacements or scabs, and the term you prefer pretty much says everything one needs to know about where you stand on the issue. But however it is you view the lockout, one thing is becoming …


Which Side Are You On?

I hear that the Winter Olympics are now over. I myself did not watch any coverage of the games, with the exception of a couple hours spent in someone else’s home where women’s curling was the featured entertainment and simple manners – along with free beer – dictated that I …


Philadelphia to The Don: Nevermind

Any minute now we’ll surely hear about the mountains of telegrams, Candygrams, Flowergrams and Hallmark “I’m Sorry I’m a Dimwitted, Dopey-assed Jackwad” cards flooding MLS Headquarters from Philadelphia Union fans in humble apology for the fact that they were rude, obnoxious, stupid and, frankly, dead wrong when they went out …


White Sands, Soft Breezes and Cosmos Confusion

After all the hoopla about the early January MLS Combine for 24 promising young CFU region players, it must have been more than a little discouraging for Union President Gordon Derrick to see absolutely no one from his group getting picked up by an MLS side. Only two players from …


Superdraft News: Union Fans Need to Grow Up

It’s really terrific that so many Philadelphia Union fans were able to get the day off from their jobs at the mall so that they could attend the Superdraft. Footlocker’s loss was our gain. Unfortunately, this allowed these same fans to demonstrate why Philadelphia bars should not open before noon …