I come not to praise Kartik, but to bury him

Posted on January 22, 2010 9:07 am

So, I had originally planned to use Kartik Krishneyer’s jump from blogger to NASL PR hack as a chance to discuss ethics in blogging and whether Kartik was honest with his readers during the whole USL/NASL/USSF kerfuffle.

But, in the wake of reading Dan Loney’s hall-of-fame-caliber, if slightly oblique, takedown of the man, I decided to save the J-School discussion of ethics for another time and instead to simply jump up and down on his stupid little head.

He was a voice of utter banality and stupidity on nearly every subject he approached in American soccer. With Kartik, no conspiracy theory was ever left unturned, no mindless rant against Sunil Gulati ever eschewed. He was a hack of the highest order, leading his merry band of basement-dwelling, almost-definitely-unsexed readers into caves of nonsense and paranoia like the Pied Piper of piffle that he was and will always remain. If I could have back all the time I’ve spent explaining to fans here and in person why the USSF, while flawed, isn’t responsible for 95% of what people like Kartik accuse of, I’d be 12 years old. Kartik provided ammo and credibility to those who needed to concoct excuses and conspiracies to explain why a country that has only really bothered with soccer for 16 years hasn’t yet won the World Cup.

Kartik’s beefs and prejudices were evident to anyone who had the slightest bit of awareness. Let’s see, he hated MLS with the passion of 1,000 suns, primarily because they bailed on his home of South Florida and Florida in general. His views on the US Soccer Federation more resemble those on a 9-11 Truther message board than of those of a responsible writer. He’s defended outright slanderous work like that of MLS Rumors, practically endorsing its racist and nonsensical ranting over the USSF. Worse than that, I’ve been told by multiple folks that he may have wrote parts of it.

Don’t even get me started on his politics except to say, if you want to read some of the strangest, least-insightful political commentary, you can go to his former blog Kartik’s World where you can learn about his passionate hatred for Indians (hmm, this wouldn’t be why he hates Gulati so much, would it?), his views on why football is for conservatives and basketball is for liberals, and why it remains a bad idea for politicians to have affairs.

On top of all that, he regularly conducted lovefest interviews “the hack of hacks,” Jamie Trecker. For shame.

(Allow me a moment to exult in the fact that my piece on Trecker is now the third item when you search Jamie Trecker in google after his Fox site and Twitter page. Okay, exalting over, back to the article.)

As an aside, how many different websites did Kartik maintain, write for and show up on? He had like 74 different gigs, didn’t he? He was like herpes in that way. To say that Kartik was a whore is like saying Paris Hilton is dumb, Seattle fans are smug, or that I am too loud in press boxes – self evident from minute one.

Before he took the NASL job, I thought that I might have to write positive things about Kartik and his coverage of the NASL/USL showdown. Well, lucky for me, now I don’t. Instead, I am left to wonder whether someone at the NASL established a quid pro quo with Kartik for positive coverage of the league or if Kartik was such a NASL toady that he slanted his coverage on his own in order to gain favor with NASL management. Either way, he’s a joke.

Finally, a note to the NASL. If you think hiring a meathead like Kartik will help your league gain mainstream media attention in any way, you’re delusional. Sure, he’s tied into the “truthers,” but American soccer media members of any note are going to avoid working with him as if he’s got the plague. Additionally, I bet the folks at the USSF and MLS are wondering to themselves, “Jesus, they actually hired Krishnayer. These NASL guys are dumber than we thought.” Good job NASL! You may have just made Francisco Marcos look smart by comparison.

Let me make it clear that I am not saying that Kartik shouldn’t have written what he wrote. It’s America, obviously he can write what he wants to all legal extents. But, it doesn’t mean I can’t call him a moron for writing what he wrote. Censorship is wrong, but abject idiocy is nearly as bad.

To put it simply, the American soccer media, whether print, television, radio, blogging or whatever, is better now that he has left. Good riddance, adios, and goodbye.

I’ll have more about actual soccer later today.

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