AFC Boycotting FIFA Congress, Leaving Zurich in Protest; England Requests Vote Postponement
members of the AFC you're headed in the right direction. Just saying. The Australians are taking a PASSES ALONG word from Yousuf al Serkal, the AFC vice-president from the UAE, that “Bin Hammam has AFC Boycotting FIFA Congress, Leaving Zurich in Protest; England Requests Vote Postponement . Bin Hammams' deputy at the AFC - and thus the guy designated to fill his spot - is Zhang Jilong of right to prevent him from acting (in) his role in the AFC". Sri Lanka's Manilal Fernando told the AFP
"I'm a Loser, Baby..."
Arbitration for Sport (technically La Tribunal Arbitral du Sport or TAS) to order the AFC to toss Zhang would be to hold a new election, a position which seems very much in line with both common sense and AFC lie. AFC statutes specify that the office of President may not stand open for more than 12 months out and hand MBH back both the Presidency of the AFC and his old seat on FIFA's Executive Committee , the AFC held a meeting of their Executive Committee to decide how to handle the somewhat
Bribing Bin Hammam: The Cosmos, Don Garber and Which Side Are You On?
directly into an AFC account, from whence Binny Ham proceeded to use it for personal expenses. In fact matches. But Bin Hammam had the same kind of power in the AFC that Uncle Jack had at CONCACAF, so he total control over pretty much everything involved in staging, promoting and broadcasting AFC matches Qatari used the AFC to launder the money so that it wasn't directly traceable to him personally. Much of this would be easier to follow using the financial records from the AFC office in Kuala Lumpur
Go You Chicken Fat, Go Away
a severe disadvantage and the same applies to the AFC. It cannot be that the regions are treated first round? - the AFC was a perfect 0-4. If you're scoring at home (or even if you're alone) that competition. Consider: In 2006, CONCACAF split a half spot with the AFC and Trinidad & Tobago beat Bahrain votes from Asia (AFC) and Africa (CAF) are what keeps Sepp Blatter's wrinkly old ass in FIFA's top with such disdain.’ In both cases, but particularly with the AFC, it's not an easy case to make
Non-league player attacks fan
Rovers. However, Goole AFC have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday Goole were by attacking a visiting fan. Goole AFC are a semi-professional club, that currently play in the them from anyone” Goole AFC secretary Andrew Morris said: “Straight after the game he was sacked question to emerge. Goole sacked Colley shortly after the game. A statement of the Goole AFC website said
Confederations Cup in Jeopardy and The Rats Turn on Each Other
he does he'll also resign as President of the AFC. Because of course there's not that much money in penance. Bin Hammam, as President of the AFC, is refusing to accept this ruling and will instead submit to make it appear that he's being fair to everyone, knowing full well that the AFC will disallow the the question to the AFC board - a board he chose - on May 7th, the day before the election
Dirty Rotten Bastards
continue to be "the suspended President of the AFC" for another 12 months. Fortunately for him, he's In the wake of FIFA Vice President Jack Warners' resignation and the lifetime ban issued to AFC the AFC ExCo seat last Spring, even though he himself says he's not a candidate. But the AFC elections can be called. Impartial observers who have actually read the AFC Statutes say that what they
scores of players during the AFCON tournament, and they seem to be able to deal with it. So, there
Fun With FIFA
dreaded "government interference" had caused FIFA an the AFC to issue a death sentence. bin Hammam had spirit, but all in the spirit of fair play" within the AFC came after a couple months of blatent bribery plans to move AFC Headquarters out of Maylaysia, where they've been since 1965, to his home country
Toronto FC Moving to Miami? Fun With FIFA
Hammy? No matter) who has the financially very substantial backing of his own AFC which includes both certainly going to bid on the latter) because - are you ready? - the AFC just had a World Cup in Korea flying out to Tahiti. So the A League is now part of the AFC Champions Cup, except that Wellington is
Female Problems
AFC in - irony alert - Australia, he's going to have the constitution rewritten. The first order of Mohammad bin Hammam, the AFC was quite progressive in many ways, and one of his reforms was the can be. Al Khalifa's main problem is that the AFC constitution splits out the Presidency of the business is to give the President of the AFC the ExCo seat instead of having it separate, expanding some skirt". Fortunately for Blatter, bin Hammam's successor as President of the AFC is on the case
So Long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehen, Goodbye: Bin Hammam Folds His Tents
resignation letter of Mr Bin Hammam addressed to FIFA and AFC dated on 15 December 2012." Just last week and the testimony of a number of previously recalcitrant AFC insiders, Garcia's people had Bin on the WSG bribe deal. Reportedly, it came down to a few of MBH's AFC cronies who, having , FIFA Executive Committee member and AFC President, has resigned from all his positions in football with gone for good. Next up, after AFC elections now scheduled for April, will be the question of whether
A Proud Day for US Soccer: Sunil Gulati Stands Up
, lest they be seen talking to him and having this reported to the new AFC President. One media member called him a "pariah". As a result, the only AFC federation wiling to endorse Ali was his home nation finally be brought down. This hope quickly dissolved a couple weeks ago when, at the AFC Congress in
Bin Hammam: "Case Not Proven"
the CAS - the AFC announced a new investigation of a whole pile of accusations against the former of the UAE federation that Bin Hammam should be restored to the Presidency of the AFC, that's decision did not declare him innocent of a damned thing and not much of anyone in the AFC, where a
Argentina 2011 Could be Mexico's Last Copa America
the AFC is hamstringing Japan as well. Somehow I doubt it.
The Cosmos Connection.
them exclusive broadcast rights for pretty much everything the AFC does for the next decade. Which refuses to talk to FIFA's investigators. And fortunately for everyone, the former AFC employee who
CONCACAF: Sword Rattling
ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW at AFC headquarters in Malaysia. The wily bin Hammam is keeping his cards very that consideration out of the way, the autocratic bin Hammam - reportedly all AFC employees live in , since AFC ExCo member and former staunch Blatter supporter Mohammad bin Hammam is SET TO MAKE AN
Blatter Control Problems and Why it Matters to the US
move the AFC headquarters to his home country of Qatar. Since the AFC has always had to strike a from the AFC, one Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al Khalifa of Bahrain (yes, he too is middle Eastern, but line: AFC is united. They're 100% behind Bin Hammam. They've got votes, they've got money and they're
Have the FAW acted in the best interests of Welsh football over Barry and Llanelli?
both Barry Town United and AFC Llanelli are new clubs, they would not be given FAW membership, and the future of AFC Llanelli, another ‘phoenix’ club formed after Llanelli AFC, another one of the when the issue of the futures of Barry Town United and AFC Llanelli were up for discussion. A
Gulati: U.S. is "Looking very seriously" at WC 2018 Bid
other Iraq sport federations. Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President Mohamed Bin Hammam
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