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  1. vlad1973
  2. TheRealBilbo
    Ticket Master wants full name.
  3. OzweegoSC
    OzweegoSC TheRealBilbo
    If you have an extra, I'd love to bring a friend,

  4. MyB5
    MyB5 Yanited
    I'm interested in your Round 16 Copenhagen tickets. I''m a long time member on this forum and have references here. Living in Sweden but have friends in London (Southend) for personal handover.....

  5. LGRod
    LGRod Don Boppero 3000
    Happy belated Bop
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    2. Don Boppero 3000
      Don Boppero 3000
      Thanks Rodney!
      Aug 1, 2019
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  6. GHjelm
    GHjelm jeff_adams
    I have an ESPN+ account. What's up?
  7. tarvinodos
    tarvinodos gen_x
    Hi this it Tom - tarvinodos
    I am helping to organize the leagues.

    Please send me your

    Team Name:

    you can email me at

    I will get back to you faster there than on the Big Soccer Board.

    I have been in the league for over 11 years. I am back in Very Small Rocks after second relegation from Small. Lesson learned: Don't pick Alexis Sanchez over Hazard.

  8. Leko9
    Leko9 Nani_17
    Lol looking at his posting history all kind of attack offense ugliness literally full of hate garbage posts from garbage shit he cant help it just cant help it
    This little ********er hate all men in the world because someone stop ********ing him for two months
  9. gold4278
    gold4278 MassachusettsRef
    Was going to post a video with that Europa League clip but it was getting blocked from my work. Was finally able to post via my phone.
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  10. vlad1973
    vlad1973 MARADONA 86
    Please come your list of matches.
    Is it possible to exchange matches?
  11. Epikoinos
    Epikoinos glorydaze
    Hey there, FC Epikoinos requesting the code to join the league
  12. coreyrock
    coreyrock jarbitro
    Hello! I can't post publicly, but for what it's worth, regarding this statement:

    It sounded like in their coms they got to the point where they both agreed throw in.

    This was only after the ball was thrown in. I was sticking with my corner kick until the ball was thrown in and Alan said, "I've got throw in." Once that happened, I had to get in line with 2LD to get ready for offside decision.

    Hope that helps!
    1. jarbitro
      Thanks for interacting Corey. That's kind of you. I appreciate all your work for MLS. You make the league fun. Thanks man!
      Jul 20, 2019
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  13. U.S Chiva
  14. scrwatcher
    scrwatcher U.S Chiva
    Thank you for your interest in my 2 LAFC tickets for tomorrow night. As it stands, someone else contacted me yesterday afternoon and purchased the tickets. I hope you find other tickets so that you can attend and enjoy the game.
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  15. nsa
    nsa Bonnie Lass
    Hey Bon-Bon! How have you been? Still in the wilds of Georgia? This year's WWC revived my interest in women's soccer, new and old. I'm going through piles of documents and pictures, trying to get the time and places right. Is the old WUSA forum (really old) available through a link? -nat
  16. tarvinodos
    tarvinodos CRIBMAD
    Hey it it Tom - tarvinodos

    I don't have our email. I sent out an email to organize VSR draft.

    Mine is

  17. Sports Yak
    Sports Yak JasonMa
    Quick request for assistance. I'm involved in a group who might start a trophy rivalry game between a CU women's team and another university. Any advice on protecting the trophy, which has been as issue with RSL? And you wouldn't have a copy of the rules that you could share, would you? Just something to get me started. I'll let you know how it goes.
    1. JasonMa
      Make sure to have reps on both sides of the rivalry who care about it and the trophy, and then have a policy that the trophy is never out with the fans without one of those reps being with it. (We allow the teams/FOs to have it without us, but not the supporters).
      Jul 16, 2019
    2. JasonMa
      The RMC rules are pretty basic. Most points wins. In a tie most goals wins. If still tied the competition is essentially tied that year and the current holders keep the Cup. If the scheduling is stable with an equal number of home/away games you can use away goals but we dropped it as a tiebreaker because MLS's schedule changes too much.
      Jul 16, 2019
    TRUJDUB GoCrew1996
    Do you know anything about possible timeline for a Crew 2 USL team ?
    1. GoCrew1996
      Jul 12, 2019
  19. praxis.en
    praxis.en sidspaceman
    Hey, the "Que Musica Oyen???" thread is gone but i can access it through the search feature.
    Whats going on?
  20. Leko9
    Leko9 Nani_17
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    1. Nani_17
      Wow dude, seems like you must have been funny in grade 3. Do you have any adult jokes? I'd like to read one before your suicide bombing. Ugly ass monkey people, that whole region of the world is useless.
      Jul 14, 2019
  21. thegamesthatrate
    thegamesthatrate Knight1Rider
    Thanks for the support!
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  22. schnix
    Pallotta vattene!
  23. zdravstvuyte
    Forgot my log in so new me
  24. Nathanial Essex
    Nathanial Essex THEREALMADRIDFAN
    Stop repping me you douche!
  25. LongTimeQuakesFan'74
    LongTimeQuakesFan'74 falvo
    Can you let me know your mailing address I’d like to send the folder of pics, i may have mentioned previously.
    1. falvo
      Hi you can email me and I will send you my direct address.
      Jun 27, 2019